Today’s post is all about Sims 4 car CC and mods!

Are you feeling nostalgic for the cars in Sims 2 and 3?

Cars are such an ordinary part of life that it seems odd that The Sims 4 doesn’t have drivable ones!

Once again, the clever and wonderful creators out there have stepped up to get us back on the road, and here are some of the best Sims 4 car mods and CC.

Rev your engines and let’s check them out!

Check out my favorite Sims 4 car CC And mods!

Whether you’re looking for a Rolls Royce model to flesh out your castle build or a mod to simulate your travels, cruise on below to check out our winning picks!




1997 Mazda RX-7 from Modern Crafter

1997 Mazda RX-7 from Modern Crafter

First up we have a classic, the forever stylish and adorable Mazda RX-7.

At least one of its five swatches will coordinate with your build and bring some sporty charm to your driveway!

Pickup Pack by PufferSuffer

Pickup Pack by PufferSuffer

Speaking of charm, this Pickup Pack by PufferSuffer (say that three times fast) is perhaps the most romantic item on this list.

With three configurations and ten swatches, it pairs an old timey pickup truck with an actual bed in the back stuffed with pillows and blankets with a touchable texture. I can see myself driving into the country for a picnic and dreamy nap, so I’m sure your sims would love it too!

Just Drive Car Pose Pack by Moonshinersims

Just Drive Pose Pack by Moonshinersims

Next we have the Just Drive Pose Pack by Moonshinersims. If you have Pose Player and the Teleport Any Sim mods, you can use this to create casual conversational poses between two sims.

This would be great for the storytellers out there!

Imaginarium Sims 4 Car CC by Jomsims

Imaginarium Car by Jomsims

Maybe only the best is good enough for your sim. This fanciful car by Jomsims is certainly a head turner!

The plumbob hood ornament is a sweet touch, and if the bubblegum pink color isn’t for you it’s also available in white, gray, and black.

Personally, I think my Barbie Super Sim needs one of these.

Dark Gaia’s Ownable Cars Mod

Dark Gaia's Ownable Cars Mod

Ownable Cars is a clever mod by Dark Gaia that allows you to walk up to your car like you’re hopping in before the map selection screen loads.

It doesn’t move the car, but it adds a bit of realism and seems a lot more natural than going to the phone to initiate travel.

It comes with five cars that each give a different moodlet after being used.

1965 Volkswagen Bus CC by Modern Crafter

1965 Volkswagen Bus by Modern Crafter

Rolling along we have a true icon. This Volkswagen Bus is LOADED with style and comes in a whopping 30 swatches.

I can see it working equally well as a storytelling detail for a young at heart elder OR for a rags to riches challenge!

Scrap Sims 4 Car CC by Cyclonesue

Scrap Car by Cyclonesue

Next we have something that would work even better to set the stage for a rags to riches! How depressing would it be to have this car parked (and not moving anytime soon) on your lot?

Remember it in its glory days from The Sims 2?

SimNation Travel Mod by Adeepindigo (Ultimate Sims 4 Car Mod!)

SimNation Travel Mod by Adeepindigo

And now we have a real chonker of a mod that is fully fleshed out to change the way your sims explore the world.

Longing to go through driver’s ed? What about booking a flight for international travel, complete with a passport application? Renewing a subway pass or gassing up your car?

This expansive mod has all of that and more, plus an improved bike system and a new aspiration and career.

1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen by LorySims

1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen by LorySims

Decades challenge enthusiasts will love this late-1880s motorized wagon!

CC for those first decades is always tricky to find but with its quirky design and historical detailing, this will help your world to feel more lived in.


Garage CC And Storage Pack by Max 20 Reserve

Garage And Storage Pack by Max 20 Reserve

This pack is loaded with amazing cc for vehicle lovers!

In addition to a slew of Maxis Match vehicles, it’s also a kit to let you build your own garage to keep them in!

Clutter lovers will adore this pack, with detailed items like shelving, toolboxes, countertops, tire racks, garage doors, and more to really let your Sim’s inner gearhead shine. Best of all, many of the items are stackable so you can make your garage look like, well, every garage I’ve ever been in 😊

1997 Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster by Modern Crafter

1997 Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster by Modern Crafter

Does your Sim need a fixer-upper to keep in your new garage? This ’97 Lambo would be a dream project to be (perpetually) working on.

With tons of style, it would suit the workbench life or a Del Sol Valley vibe just as well. It comes in 14 color swatches too, and is a great option for Sims 4 car CC!

School Bus CC by Ozyman4

School Bus by Ozyman4

The school bus from Sims 3 has been converted for use in Sims 4.

It would be great for adding realism to a school build or as set dressing for commune or cult gameplay!

Sims 4 Ice Cream Truck Mod by Cepzid Creation

This sweet mod gives you another Sims 3 item to use in Sims 4—the classic ice cream truck!

You can place it on a lot to liven up special occasions, or ride it around like a bike to live out your childhood dreams.

Ride Cars Mod by Cepzid Creation

Ride Cars Mod by Cepzid Creation

And next we have another mod from Cepzid, this mod replaces bicycles with cars to trick the game into letting you get behind the wheel.

Granted, a lot of this driving will be done on the sidewalk and it can be a little jarring, but it’s fun!

Like a lot of bike-based vehicle mods, this will require the Discover University pack to function.

Barbie Edition Sims 4 Car CC by CCBriekel

Barbie Edition Cars by CCBriekel

This bubblegum convertible Bug would be Ken-ough for us, but this Barbie-inspired pack also includes a bright pink Hummer and a hot pink Range Rover to suit your Barbie sim’s every whim.

The Testpa by Surely-Sims

The Testpa by Surely-Sims

These Vespa-inspired scooters (in 14 colors!!) by Surely-Sims are sure to add some charm and colorful style to your sims’ world!

2016 Abarth 695 Biposto by Modern Crafter CC

2016 Abarth 695 Biposto by Modern Crafter CC

Perhaps you’re wanting some European flair for your Windenburg or Henford-on-Bagley lots?

This small but sporty Biposto Sims 4 car CC comes in six colors and is impossibly cute.

Skateboard and Scooter Mod by Waronk and Cepzid Creation

Skateboard and Scooter Mod by Waronk and Cepzid Creation

And now for something a little different, we have this mod that gives your sims a whole new way to travel!

This mod introduces skateboards and scooters for sims who might want some free-spirited adventuring.

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Sims 4 Car CC by Modern Crafter CC

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air by Modern Crafter CC

Another great pick for a decades challenge, this iconic midcentury Chevy makes a statement in any of its sixteen color swatches (but in my opinion, aqua is the only correct option).

Bus Upon a Time Travel Mod by Ravasheen

Bus Upon a Time Travel Mod by Ravasheen

This mod adds a whole public transportation system to the game for peak realism!

You can now take a bus to popular destinations in any worlds you own. If the travel fare is nickel-and-diming you, you can buy a bus pass for a hefty discount.

In addition to letting you revisit hidden lots easily, this mod also allows you to invite several sims to your current lot at once instead of individually.

Lorysims Sims 4 Car CC Collection

Lorysims Car Collection

And finally, for the absolutely most comprehensive collection of car cc for the Sims 4 head over to Lorysims’ site.

While these skew toward luxury brands there are still TONS of popular vehicles covered, and I was even able to find a model of my own irl car. This is a great resource if you like realism or just want your simself to be that much more like you!

let’s take a victory lap for my favorite sims 4 car CC And Mods!

These are some of the most road-friendly mods and Sims 4 car cc to get your sims out of the house and roaming on wheels.

Do you have a favorite? Prefer the ’57 Chevy in red? Did we miss any good ones?

Leave a comment and let us know!

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