Today I am rounding up my absolute favorite Sims 4 castle builds!

The brand new kit, Sims 4 Castle Estate Kit, just released and I have been dying over all the incredible builds I’ve been seeing people create with it!

That is what inspired today’s post. However, not every single lot uses the new kit! So be sure to pay attention to what packs you need for the lots to function properly.

From medieval castles with imposing stone walls to cozy castles in the woods and sprawling palaces, I tried to cover all kinds of styles with this round up of sims 4 builds.

Nearly every item is cc free, except for one, and most of the lots I have linked the speed build if you’d like to watch the creator make it.

Here’s my favorite Sims 4 Castle Builds You can download today!



Windenburg Isle Sims 4 Castle by Devon Bumpkin

Windenburg Isle Sims 4 Castle by Devon Bumpkin

I always pictured the Windenburg Island to be an old, decrepit medieval village.

This castle build is the perfect aesthetic.

I’m obsessed with all the landscaping detail on this one too—the builder put so much thought into it to make sure it blends with the landscape.

Sims 4 Castle Estate Kit Build

Sims 4 Castle Estate Kit Build

This is a classic sims 4 castle build—it even comes with a moat and a stunning bridge!

The new items that came with the Castle Estate kit (as well as all the new build features we’ve gotten over the years like rounded walls) really take this lot to the next level.

Sims 4 Hogwarts Castle

Sims 4 Hogwarts Castle

*cue the Hedwig music*

This build of Hogwarts Castle is SO gorgeous! 😍

There are a ton of creators who have made their own version of Hogwarts, but the detail in this one is unmatched.

The creator even uploaded a simplified version of this lot (you will find it linked in their youtube video description—I linked the full lot!) because the lot just has that much detail.

Regardless of all the controversy around She Who Will Not Be Named, this lot is stunning!

Sims 4 Hyrule Castle (Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Version)

Sims 4 Hyrule Castle (Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Version)

This might be one of THE most impressive Sims 4 builds I have ever seen.

Do yourself a favor and watch the full speed build. It is incredible what SatiSim was able to create to make this Hyrule Castle SO realistic, using only in-game items.

This build make super creative and clever use of TwistedMexi’s TOOL mod, but you do not need the mod to make this lot work!

Honestly, watching this build felt like a Masterclass, lol. I could never build something this amazing, but I will for sure be enjoying this sims 4 castle in my game! 🙌

64×64 Sims 4 Castle Build by Marmelad

64x64 Sims 4 Castle Build by Marmelad

Marmelad is one of my favorite builders I’ve seen! Their designs are also so unique and detailed.

This sims 4 castle is no exception. It’s a sprawling estate on a 64×64 lot—perfect for true royal indulgence! 😍

Sims 4 Small Castle Build By BojanaSims

Sims 4 Small Castle Build By BojanaSims

If you guys aren’t watching BojanaSims on Youtube, then idk what you’re doing!

She is an AMAZING builder (and she usually uses a lot of CC in her builds, which I love lol!). This small sims 4 castle is perfect for people with less impressive PCs or for people who like playing on smaller lots in general.

Grand Sims 4 Castle Estate

I am OBSESSED with the landscaping on this sims 4 castle build!

The grand staircases! All the green ivy! The duck pond!

Truly a stunning work of art. 🥰

Small And Secret Sims 4 Castle Build

Small And Secret Sims 4 Castle Build

The idea of a secret castle is so neat, and this sims 4 castle build is even neater!

It’s tiny and tucked away in Henford on Bagley—princess-in-hiding storyline anyone?! lol.

Sims 4 Medieval Castle

Sims 4 Medieval Castle

I can never get enough of medieval sims 4 castles!

I love the inner courtyard area on this one, and the grand, imposing walls!

Modest Sims 4 Castle Build By RachelPedd

Modest Sims 4 Castle Build By RachelPedd

Here’s another small sims 4 castle build! This one’s by RachelPedd who is SO talented it’s unfair! Haha.

It has all the vibes of a giant castle, with a much smaller foot print to run and play in!

Castle Museum and Library Build

Castle Museum and Library Build

This sims 4 castle is a bit different—instead of residential, it’s a museum and library!

I think that is such a fun and unique way to use these build assets, and such a great way to build your worlds.

I mean, why would a museum/library in Henford-on-Bagley or Windenburg look contemporary?! How much cooler would it be to have that lot in an old medieval castle that’s since been repurposed by the community!

The Pink Palace Sims 4 Palace Build

The Pink Palace Sims 4 Palace Build

Inspired by a real castle in Düsseldorf, Germany, I couldn’t NOT include this sims 4 palace build!

And… I mean… it’s PINK. 🥰

The Red Keep Sims 4 Game Of Thrones Castle

The Red Keep Sims 4 Game Of Thrones Castle

This Game of Thrones sims 4 castle is STUNNING. The detail and realism on this one is so, so good.

This version of The Red Keep looks just like the one in the show. And it looks great on Windenburg island!

Sims 4 Winterfell Castle

Sims 4 Winterfell Castle

I couldn’t share The Red Keep without sharing Winterfell! 🥰

Sims 4 Castle With Waterfall

Sims 4 Castle With Waterfall

This sims 4 castle build makes incredible use of the TOOL mod to create a functional, flowing waterfall! 😍

Like…?! This seriously looks like a LEGIT medieval castle. The creativity and dedication of sims 4 builders knows no bounds!

Sims 4 Castle British Mansion

Sims 4 Castle British Mansion

This is a slightly more modern take on a sims 4 castle! And by that, I mean 1700s instead of 1300s! lol.

This castle is a sprawling British estate—and is giving major Bridgerton vibes, including the stunning garden.


Sims 4 Scottish Castle

Sims 4 Scottish Castle

And here is a Scottish interpretation of a sims 4 castle! I love the cozy feeling of the warm, red brick.

This castle would look STUNNING in the fall I bet! 😍

Sims 4 French Chateau Palace (With CC Links)

Sims 4 French Chateau Palace

We couldn’t forget French castles, could we?!

This chateau is complete with a dramatic, multi-level entry, and a gorgeous hedge maze garden. Nothing short of luxury!

Sims 4 Winter Castle Build

I originally saw this sims 4 castle build shared in a Facebook group, and guys, when I tell you I couldn’t WAIT for the creator to finish it!! lol.

There’s just something about this castle I’m obsessed with—I think it might be the curved entry path?!

It just feels SO real, and it’s not massive (which makes actually playing in it much easier, since I typically play on a laptop!), and the creator didn’t miss a single detail.

Saltburn Castle (From Amazon Original Movie!)

I almost wrapped up this post, and then I saw THIS gorgoues speed build recommended to me on Youtube.

This sims 4 castle is none other than Saltburn Manor! Yes, from that Amazon movie that everyone’s been talking about with Jacob Elordi (and… the bathtub scene… lol).

Regardless of your thoughts on the movie, or if you’ve seen it, this is SUCH a stunning build, so I couldn’t not share it with y’all.


That’s a wrap on my favorite Sims 4 Castle Builds!

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s round-up of Sims 4 castles! Sims 4 builders are truly another breed, lol—they are just so talented!! Let me know in the comments below: what builds would you like to see rounded up next?

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