Hey there, fellow Simmers! Looking to shake up your Sims 4 gameplay and inject some excitement into your virtual world? Well, get ready because we’ve got the ultimate guide to Sims 4 challenges that will take your gaming experience to a whole new level!

My favorite way to fall in love with the game again after a slump is none other than trying out one of the many sims 4 challenges.

In this post, we’re diving deep into the realm of fun and unique gameplay challenges that will test your Simming skills and keep you hooked for hours on end. Whether you’re up for a legacy challenge that spans generations or a thrilling gameplay twist that pushes your creativity to the limit, we’ve got you covered.

So, grab your favorite snack, buckle up, and let’s embark on a journey filled with Sims 4 challenges that will make you fall in love with the game all over again!

Here are my favorite sims 4 challenges!

These challenges offer a refreshing twist to the game, injecting new life and excitement into your Simming experience. Whether you’re seeking a break from traditional gameplay, a chance to test your skills, or a way to spark your imagination, Sims 4 challenges have got you covered.

Personally, I really love story-based sims 4 challenges! It helps me connect to my sims and stick it out with my households longer. I also am really drawn to sims 4 challenges that help me get out of my rut of doing the same things over and over, and help me use packs I normally ignore or forget about.

I hope you find some sims 4 challenges to add to your list to try!

Rags To Riches Sims 4 Gameplay Challenge

You’ve probably heard of Rags to Riches. It is one of the most popular sims 4 challenges, and rightfully so! The basic premise is to start with 0 simoleans and make money through gameplay! If you’d like more specific rules or goals, I linked a post below.

With every new pack that comes out, James Turner (formerly known as The Sim Supply) does a new Rags to Riches gameplay using the new game features, and it’s so fun to watch and can inspire a lot of gameplay ideas! I linked the first video of his Cottage Living Rags to Riches above—it’s been my favorite so far!

I personally love trying out a Rags to Riches when gameplay gets too easy. Sometimes your sims just need to struggle a little! Sleep on a bench, steal hotdogs from the park, shower at the gym… you know! lol. Normal simmer things. this is one of the more gameplay-oriented grind-it-out sort of sims 4 challenges, but it can be a ton of fun when you need to get out of a gameplay slump!

Soju’s Postcard Legacy Challenge (Build Your Own Adventure Style!)

Postcard Legacy by Sojutrait Sims 4 Challenges for legacy players

The Postcard Legacy by Sojutrait is one of the most unique sims 4 challenges! All in, it comes out to 23 generations! The coolest part about this challenge is that you don’t have to do it in order. You can choose a prompt to try and start wherever!

Although 23 generations might feel really intimidating, I like to look at this sims 4 legacy challenge as more of a ‘choose your own adventure’! If I’m feeling stuck in my gameplay, I like to look through these prompts and pick something that sparks my interest—even if I don’t plan to do every single generation.

This one of the best sims 4 challenges to consult when you need a quick refresh in your gameplay and storytelling! I love reading this postcard legacy challenge on tumblr for inspo!

Not So Berry 2.0 Challenge

You’ve probably heard of the Not So Berry Challenge made by LilSimsie, but have you heard of Not So Berry 2.0?

It’s basically a revamp of the original NSB challenge! The Not So Berry challenge has been around for so long, and doesn’t account for the new packs that have been released. So NSB 2.0 takes that into account and adds completely new generations with new goals and objectives.

Overall, the Not So Berry challenge is a story-based legacy challenge that has different aspirations, careers, skills, and other objectives for your sims to complete! Each generation feeds into the story of the next, and I love it! This challenge really gets me out of a funk, right out the gate. Gen 1 (Onyx) lives in Sulani and crafts things, which is a skill I never really explore, haha.

The Not So Berry is one of the most popular sims 4 challenges, and the Not So Berry 2 is the perfect addition to try as well!

Family Dynamics Sims 4 Legacy Challenge

This is one of my favorite sims 4 challenges to explore some fun family gameplay! The Family Dynamics challenge comes with your usual goals— 10 generations, careers, skills, etc. But there is so much detail put into the family and how the family affects the next heir. This challenge is great for storytelling!

Lots of YouTubers have taken on this challenge. My favorite is OshinSims Family Dynamics challenge, linked above!

Note: some of the goals in this challenge are pretty heart-wrenching! So play at your own risk. ❤️ But for those of you who love to explore drama and different family styles in your gameplay, this one comes highly recommended by me.


Perfect Life Sims 4 Challenge

Perfect Life Sims 4 Challenges

The Perfect Life Challenge is a quick challenge, or a great way to kick off another legacy type challenge! This challenge was created by a French simmer and translated by OshinSims.

The premise is that instead of starting as a young adult, off to look for their spouse, you start as a toddler! Your toddler is the main character and the main life you will focus on. Will they grow up happy and well adjusted or not? Only time will tell!

I actually haven’t tried this challenge just yet, but it’s on my list! It’s so easy to forget toddlers/children and their stories when you’re working on skilling up and getting your adult sims promoted. So I think this would be a great challenge to slow down a little and enjoy other life stages!

Bonus? This challenge is just the single generation, so it’s quick and easy to knock out! 🙂


Sims 4 Animal Crossing Legacy Challenge

Sims 4 Animal Crossing Legacy Challenge, Sims 4 Challenges

This sims 4 legacy challenge is based on Animal Crossing, and it is TOO CUTE! You could definitely enjoy the gameplay from this one if you’ve never played Animal Crossing before, but the storyline is even better if you have. 🙂

You start out with nothing but a tent, living in Sulani with 0 simoleans. As you earn money by living off the land, you “pay back” Tom Nook, and slowly build your house. Like really slowly! Each generation, you have a set number of rooms you get to have. Each generation is based on a different Villager archetype (jock, lazy, peppy, etc.).

Crossovers in sims 4 challenges are always so, so fun! And I know a loooot of simmers also love Animal Crossing, so I just had to share this one.

Joy Of Life Challenge (30+ Generation Legacy for ALL EPs gameplay!)

This is one of the most in-depth and immersive sims 4 challenges out there for people who love legacy gameplay! There are more than 34 generations!

This challenge uses all the packs and even requires a few mods for gameplay and storytelling purposes. But what I love about this challenge is just how expansive it is! The generations have such unique goals (like gen 1 is supposed to get pregnant from blind dates! lol) and I love how this challenge tries to make use of all the different packs.

Just recently, MsLollyPopSims started a brand Let’s Play of this challenge, and I linked it above!

Nightmare Legacy Challenge (Short Lifespan Challenge)

The Nightmare Legacy challenge is a regular ol’ legacy challenge… except you play it on short life span! This speeds up EVERYTHING and makes it a lot harder to build up a ton of wealth, making the difficulty insane! lol.

I absolutely love watching other people play this challenge (The English Simmer, linked above, and Lilsimsie, mostly!) but I’m honestly nervous to try it in my own game. 😂 If you’re looking for a little more chaos in your sims 4 challenges and not so many rules to be bogged down with, this one is for you!

Star Sign Legacy Challenge

The Star Sign Legacy is the sims 4 challenge I am currently playing in my own game! This challenge is themed after the 12 astrological signs (I’m a big astrology nerd, fun fact!).

I think this is one of the most unique sims 4 challenges, and I love how diverse the generation goals are! Just in generation 1, your sim needs to become a politician, get pregnant through public woohoo, master the snowboarding skill, get a tattoo, etc.! This challenge offers so much in the way of gameplay and storytelling, and so far I am having a blast with it!

Highly recommend this one if you’re really looking to mix things up!

Solar System Sims 4 Legacy Challenge

This challenge is by the same creator as the Star Sign Challenge, and I promise you it’s equally as amazing! Each generation is based on a different planet in the solar system (including Pluto and the Sun), and the creator has assigned unique personalities and traits based on the theoretical personalities of the planets!

This is just SUCH a creative sims 4 legacy challenge, in my opinion, and just like the Star Sign Challenge, has a ton of super unique objectives to really get you back into playing the game. For example, in the Venus generation, one of the goals is to not make is to level 10 of any career! I just love how this challenge truly mixes things up.

Whimsy Stories Sims 4 Storytelling Challenge

If you’ve been trying to enjoy more storytelling gameplay in the sims, but just can’t quite nail it, the Whimsy Stories Challenge might just be perfect for you!

This is one of the best sims 4 challenges for creating truly unique sims that are easy to fall in love with! The stories for each generation are so unique and rich, and I love how specific the goals get. For example, in generation 1, your sim must fall in love with a fellow homeless sim (you start out homeless!) and also be a “plant parent”—aka fill up your future home with deco plants!

This challenge really follows the ups and downs of life, and it is SO much fun to dig into!

Disney Princess Legacy Challenge

The Disney Princess Challenge is one of the most iconic sims 4 challenges! I mean, how can it not be?! It’s Disney!

Each generation is themed after a different disney princess, and has goals to complete accordingly. Gen One is Snow White, and she has to have seven kids! Eeeek. If you’re a big disney fan, this is a must-try sims 4 challenge for you!

Sims 4 Sims In Bloom Challenge

Sims In Bloom Sims 4 Challenges for legacy gameplay

The Sims In Bloom challenge is very similar to the Not So Berry challenge! Each generation is a different color, with different pack-inspired gameplay, although this one is a bit more integrated, and themed after different flowers!

Themed sims 4 challenges are so much fun, and the flower theme of this one is just too adorable! If you’re looking for more of a gameplay-oriented challenge with less intense or overbearing storytelling, I highly recommend giving Sims In Bloom a shot!

Sims 4 Decades Challenge

Sims 4 Decades Challenge, Sims 4 Challenges for historical gameplay

If you love history, you HAVE to check out the Sims 4 Decades Challenge! I am quite obsessed with this one, haha.

This challenge starts you off in 1890, and each generation progresses to the next generation. Each generation has restrictions on what you can do, based on what was historically accurate. So in the start, you make money through farming and living off the land, and you can’t have electricity or a bathroom in the house, etc.

The Sims 4 Decades Challenge is genuinely one of my favorite sims 4 challenges—I play it all the time! Highly, highly recommend this one for my fellow history lovers. There are tons of tumblr stories and youtube Let’s Plays of this challenge too for endless inspiration!

Want to try extra hard mode? Check out MorbidGamers Ultimate Decades Challenge which starts far back in the Middle Ages!


Back to BASE-ics (Sims 4 Basegame Legacy Challenge)

The Back To BASE-ics is a legacy challenge like the Not So Berry, except the goals are adjusted to account for people who only have the base game to play with!

Personally, I’ve never done this one, since I do have all the EPs, but I wanted to include it for simmers who don’t! As you know, the sims base game is free, so if you’re new to the franchise, this is a great challenge to check out!:) Accessibility is so, so important, even in sims 4 challenges!

Sims 4 Amazon Challenge

Recreate your own all-female amazon tribe with this sims 4 challenge!

Sims 4 Island Challenge

Sims 4 Island Challenge, Sims 4 Challenges for gameplay

The Island Challenge for Sims is genuinely one of the most unique sims 4 challenges I’ve seen yet! It’s a stranded-on-an-island based challenge, but the goals are so unique.

You must craft items instead of just buying them. There is a whole twig-collection system the creator set up on the island lot to get new items—it’s so freaking creative! Every single day the “island god” rolls the dice (aka YOU roll the dice), and something surprising happens! These can be positive or negative, you never really know what you’ll get!

To complete the challenge you need 8 adult sims, either by reproducing or getting new sims to the island through challenge gameplay. This is a really zany challenge, and great to try to get out of a rut!

Sims 4 Deserted Island Castaway Challenge

Sims 4 Deserted Island Castaway Challenge

The Sims Castaway challenge is another stranded-island challenge! This one is all about Sulani and Island Living, and is a great way to explore the features in that back like gathering shells, doing odd jobs, etc.

To complete the challenge, there’s a few different goals, but most of all, your sim must become an integrated member of the Sulani community! I really enjoy pack-specific sims 4 challenges, because they get me to truly test out all the new features, and this is a great challenge for that!

And that’s a wrap on my favorite sims 4 challenges!

In conclusion, Sims 4 challenges are like a breath of fresh air in the Simming universe. They offer a captivating escape from the ordinary and an opportunity to embark on extraordinary adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking for a new thrill or a Simming newbie eager to explore the game’s vast possibilities, these challenges are the perfect way to infuse your gameplay with excitement and creativity.

So go ahead, pick your favorite sims 4 challenge, and get playing!!

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