It’s official, friends! Our next Sims 4 expansion pack is Sims 4 For Rent!

In today’s post, I am breaking down everything we know so far about Sims 4 For Rent, including the gameplay features, all about the brand new world, and some of the super cool gameplay items I noticed in the trailer.

I’ll wrap things up with a bit of a pulse-check on how the community is feeling about Sims 4 For Rent, and my own personal opinion on the pack announcement.

Here’s Everything We Know About The Sims 4 For Rent!

Sims 4 For Rent Trailer

Check out the OFFICIAL reveal trailer for Sims 4 For Rent!

I am obsessed with the music on this one! πŸ”₯

Did you know they collabed with Jason Chu, an Asian-American rapper, to bring to life the Southeast Asian culture in this pack?!

Sims 4 For Rent Gameplay Trailer

The Sims 4 For Rent Gameplay Trailer dropped finally!

This trailer gave us an amazing insight into the new UI for the multifamily apartments feature

How Many Units Can We Have In Sims 4 For Rent?

Sim Gurus have confirmed on Twitter that we can have up to 6 units on a Rental Residential Lot!

However… there seems to be a cheat which will allow us to make more! πŸ‘€

How Many Sims Can We Have On One Lot In Sims 4 For Rent?

The household size is staying the same! We can have 8 sims per household, even if you have 6 households living in a Rental Residential.

Sims 4 For Rent Release Date

The Sims 4 For Rent has a release date of December 7, 2023.

Just in time for the holidays! Go ahead and add this new EP to your Christmas wishlist.

If you pre-order now, or purchase the game before January 18, then you get the special Night Market set including a fruit basket, a street vendor stand, and an umbrella.

Personally, I usually buy EPs right away, so I tend to get the bonus purchase incentives, but if you’re trying to save your money or wait for a sale to grab this one, I can confirm that usually, these bonus items are not worth rushing to buy the pack right away!

Sims 4 For Rent New World

Sims 4 For Rent New World Tomarang Night Market

The new world coming with Sims 4 For Rent is called Tomarang!

Tomarang (and all of Sims 4 For Rent) is inspired by Southeast Asia, and WOW is it stunning! 😻

It seems like we’re getting a little bit of everything with this world: lush jungle area, a city skyline and “downtown” area, and even a swimmable beach!

We don’t know much about this world just yet in terms of how many lots come in Tomarang or what sizes those lots are, but we know the world features a botanical garden, an animal sanctuary, and a Spirit House where sims can leave offerings.

There is also a vibrant Night Market where the world truly comes to life and your sim can enjoy new foods and purchase unique new objects from vendors.

Sims 4 For Rent New Gameplay Features

Sims 4 For Rent New Gameplay Features, Property Management and Be A Landlord

Confirmed New Gameplay Mechanics

Property Management

Your sim can now be a landlord with the new property management gameplay mechanic! You can live among your tenants on-site or live in a separate residence.

What’s really fun too is on the flipside of our sims being able to be landlords, they can now also be tenants in Sims 4 For Rent! I’ll be honestβ€”this gameplay mechanic feels very similar to City Living apartments, so I’m curious to see what more information comes out that makes this truly unique!

Property Owners can face new challenges like tenant revolts, mold and insect infestations, and maintaining utilities. They might discover some of these issues on one of their property inspections.

Sims 4 For Rent New Lot Type: Residential Rental
New Lot Type

The new lot type is Residential Rentalβ€”and this will allow you to create your own unique multifamily home on it!

A lot of the gameplay description discusses different types of multi-family housing: duplexes, apartments, and townhomes. This leads me to believe we can set the number of units we have.

I’ve already seen people chatting online about things like renting out rooms in the college world, Britechester, or hosting a cute “Airbnb” style space in your sim’s backyard for a little extra cash.

Rich Community

As part of the new Rental Residential lot type coming with Sims 4 For Rent, we’ll be able to experience our sims’ community in a whole new way πŸ™Œ

Based on the trailer, there will be different “roles” assigned to sims on your lot, including nosy neighbors and snoopers! And watch out, someone might even break and enter into your lot (burglars are BACK!). Expect lots of drama.

But there’s some good with the bad too, including potlucks and pool parties in your communal space. πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈ

The GREAT news is we can build this lot type in any world! We finally can have apartment living anywhere we want. HECK YES. πŸŽ‰

4 Brand New Aspirations

With the new Sims 4 For Rent EP, we’re getting 4 brand new aspirations!

The Seeker Of Secrets, for your nosy sims who want to get in everyone’s business.

The Five-Star Property Owner, which is all about mastering the new gameplay mechanic of owning property.

The Fount of Tomarani Knowledge, which I’m assuming is an aspiration that helps your sims learn the ins and outs of our new world, Tomarang.

And finally, the Discerning Dweller, which is all about being a great neighbor and fantastic tenant!


5 Brand New Traits

I might be most excited about the 5 brand new traits! I feel like EA sometimes forgets to add traits for us, so getting five in one pack is incredible.

The new traits are: Nosy, Generous, Cringe, Child of the Village, and there is an Elder-Specific trait, Wise!


Confirmed New Gameplay Items

Sims 4 For Rent New Items, Rice Cooker

Here is a list of gameplay items I picked up on from scouring the trailer like an obsessive fan, lol! I’ll add more as I discover more, or feel free to leave a comment below if I missed something.

  • Marbles game
  • Hopscotch
  • Multifamily mailbox
  • Water heater and Electrical box (which can cause power outages or no hot water!)
  • Functional tea kettle
  • Rice cooker/Pressure Cooker (PS: if you want a functional rice cooker now, or don’t want to buy this EP to have it, I have one linked in my food mods post!)
  • Tons of brand new Southeast Asian recipes
  • New street vendor carts
  • Possibly a new flat top grill?
  • Sims can set off paper lanterns at night
  • Squat toilets
  • It’s not exactly an item, but sims can now die by mold exposure?!
  • LOTS of Asian-inspired interior, exterior and furniture items!!
  • Sims can now… dab? Which is a…. weird choice, lol. But has me hopeful we may be getting a brand new dance style.

How Are Simmers Feeling About Sims 4 For Rent?

Sims 4 For Rent Apartment Community Potluck

Overall, the consensus online about Sims 4 For Rent seems to be cautiously optimistic!

Some Simmers are critical that this pack has too much in common with City Living to feel worthy of the EP price tag.

However, a lot of people are excited about multi-family housing gameplay! And people are stoked to have a Southeast Asian inspired world, and more cultural representation out of just American.

Personally, I am in the excited camp!! My wheels are already turning with so many gameplay ideas for this pack (namely, a Legacy family commune! lol) and I feel like buying properties gives my super-wealthy sims something to do with their money.

I totally see the critique that this feels a lot like City Living, but the emphasis here is on being a landlord. Yes, we can live in multifamily lots as a tenant, but playing as a landlord will come with its own unique challenges, like upkeeping your property. Mostly I’m curious to see how apartments in Sany Myshuno and Evergreen Harbor tie in with this system (or not).

The build/buy aesthetic of this pack is super cool and different than anything they’ve given us so far, and simmers seem to be all around excited for that!

Mostly, I can’t wait to learn more about this pack. I’ll keep you guys updated as more news gets dropped and we get closer to release day! πŸ™Œ

If you’d like to check out the official sources of information on the pack, read the pack description here, and read the informational blog post here!

Leave a comment below: are you excited for this pack?! Why or why not?

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