Hey there, Sims fans! Are you excited about the newest addition to Sims 4 – the infant life stage? Well, get ready to take it up a notch with the latest and greatest Sims 4 infant clothing CC. In this post, we’ve got all the deets on the best custom content for dressing up your little bundles of joy. So, let’s dive in!

PS: Make sure you check out my Sims 4 Nursery CC round-up post to give these little ones the rooms of their dreams!

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Hello Kitty Onesie

Hello Kitty Onesie Sims 4 infant clothing cc

This bear onesie is so adorable, and the addition of the Hello Kitty design makes it even cuter! You have to download this sweet PJ set for your littles!


Max Hat + Joon Overalls Recolors

Max hat and overalls Growing Together recolor for Sims 4 infants

This Sims 4 infant clothing cc set has a few recolors of items included in Growing Together, as well as one base game item. I love the funky colors and patterns on this set!


Hattie Romper

Sims 4 Hattie Romper for Infants

The Hattie Romper is a conversion from toddler to infant, as this item came with Growing Together! There are 12 different maxis-match swatches available, and honestly guys, this might be my new favorite item for infants in my game! The ruffled sleeves on the top are to die for!


Logan Onesies (Updated for Infants)

Logan Onesies Sims 4 infant clothing cc

The Logan Onesie has been converted from toddlers to infants. It comes with 21 solid color swatches and 30 patterns. The patterns are adorable– I love the Simlish and the stripes! This onesie is such a classic baby outfit, and a must-have for your Sims 4 infant clothing cc collection.


Rosie Shoes (Updated for Infants)

Rosie Shoes Sims 4 infant clothing cc

I am OBSESSED with these shoes for infants! They have been converted from the Growing Together EP, and will be my new go-to in CAS. I had sandals just like these as a kid, so maybe I’m feeling nostalgic. 🙂


Dino PJs

Sims 4 infant clothing cc dino PJs

These PJs are base game compatible and come with six different dino-themed swatched for your infants to pick from!


Poppy Pacifier

Poppy Pacifier Sims 4 infant clothing cc

While technically not Sims 4 infant clothing cc, your baby’s look isn’t complete without a pacifier! And the Poppy Pacifier might be THE best pacifier mesh I have seen for Sims 4 so far! I mean, look at it! They look incredible. And I love the colors GeorgiaGLM Included with this set. Definitely a must-have!


Bébé Romper for Infants

Another conversion! The Bebe romper was originally for toddlers, but now the littlest nooboos can wear it to. Another precious outfit for your infants!


Bo Shoes

Guys! These little baby sneakers are too stinking CUTE. They are another conversion from Growing Together, and I am loving these swatches. Definitely a staple item in my Sims 4 infant clothing CC folder!


Millie Dress

Mille Spring Dress for Sims 4 infants

The Millie Dress is the perfect Spring ensemble for your brand new infants! With two bunny-patterned swatches and 10 maxis-match solids, this is a great staple piece for your cc folder!


Cow Onesie

Sims 4 cow onesie for infants

Two words: Cow. Onesie. That is literally all you need to know. This adorableness speaks for itself!


Cloth Diaper for Infants

Sims 4 Infant cloth diaper cc

This is just a simple mesh edit to make your infant’s diaper look like a classic tied-off cloth diaper! It is perfect for historical gameplay, or if you want to tell the story of reusable diapers. Fun fact: if you have the Laundry Day stuff pack, you can select “use cloth diapers” on your infants, and when you change them, it will add laundry to their hamper! So cool.


Infant Overall Outfit

Sims 4 infant clothing cc overalls outfit

Another cutie by LittleTodds! This overall outfit is perfect to add to your Sims 4 infant clothing cc collection– I love the bright colors and the adorable chunky buttons. It does require the new Growing Together EP, so make sure you have it before downloading!


Infant Bib Accessory

Sims 4 infant bib accessory

I was just waited for the day when someone finally made cute CC bibs! Haha. Here we go, people! There is a good mix of solid swatches and a few designs. I’m excited to use this cc with the brand new baby foods EA introduced!


Horololo Glasses

Sims 4 infant glasses cc

I literally screamed when I saw these. Absolutely ADORABLE little glasses for your infants! This creator also has a kids and toddler version, so the whole family can match! 


“Little One-sies” Bodysuit Recolor for Infants

Sims 4 infant wearing white onesie clothing cc with dots

Plumbaleena has recolored the infamous infant onesie, and they have included some adorable swatches! There is a swatch with multicolored dots (pictured), purple floral pattern, hot air balloons, dinosaurs, lemons, and more! In total, there are 11 brand new outfits for your little cuties to wear. Such an adorable infant clothing cc item for your nooboos!


Infant Bow Accessory

Sims 4 Infant wearing multiple different color/pattern swatches of hair bow accessory cc

This is probably the Sims 4 infant clothing cc item I was most excited for! I mean, c’mon, what is cuter than a baby with a sweet little bow?! The swatch options on this item are perfection, with a few neutral solids as well as fun patterns. This item will be an infant cc staple in my mods folder!


Recolored Base Game Bloomers

Sims 4 Infant clothing cc recolored base game bloomers with animal swatches

Here’s a few simple recolors of the bloomers included in the base game update (read: EVERYONE can have this in their game, even if you don’t buy Growing Together!). Personally, I am obsessed with the mushroom swatch. I want a little cottagecore baby living in Henford-on-Bagley wearing that little jumper!


Recolored Base Game Onesie

9 swatches of recolored base game onesie for sims 4 infants

These base game onesie recolors might be one of the cutest sims 4 infant clothing cc I have seen yet! And while they are gender neutral, these swatches are perfect for little boys! The dinosaur, the lion and the fox will be on constant rotation in my game, I already know!


Sims 4 Pacifier Accessory for Infants

This custom content pacifier accessory adds a cute and practical touch to your baby Sims, while also giving you the option to customize the color and design of the pacifier. Keep your little ones happy and stylish with this must-have accessory. It comes in several solid swatches, as well as some patterns, so there are plenty to choose from for the nooboos! Pacifiers might not technically be sims 4 infant clothing cc, but they DO finish off the perfect look for your littles!


Growing Together Outfit Recolor

Sims 4 Growing Together cc clothing for infants recolored in 6 swatches with bears, mushrooms, sun and star

NOTE: This is a recolor of an item included in Growing Together, so you need the pack for the item to show up! But, if you have the pack, this item is a must-have!! I mean, look at those swatches! This is just a simple recolor, but holy cow, the cuteness. More mushrooms, bears, a star and a sun– I can’t wait to see my Sims 4 infants running around in these little outfits!


Solid Color Onesie Recolors

Sims 4 infant clothing cc solid color onesie recolor

There will never be enough onesies, my friends. This Sims 4 infant clothing cc pack includes 24 solid color swatch for the littles, because sometimes you just want something simple! With 24 colors, there will be an option for everyone, too. This is a great basic item to make sure you add to your mods folder.


Infant Footie Pajamas (63 swatches!)

Footie pajama sims 4 infant clothing cc recolor in 63 swatch options

Here’s another recolor of the footie pajamas for infants! This one comes with 63 –YES, 63!– swatches. And they are all so adorable. Already, I am obsessed with the abstract botanical swatches. So chic! The black hearts and the giraffe prints are also stealing my heart. I know I’ll get some great use from this one!


Recolored Leggings Outfit for Infants

2 outfit recolors for sims 4 infants

I don’t know if there’s anything cuter than a baby in little jeans/leggings! These recolors are precious and give you a few more options to dress up our brand-new infants. With 53 swatches for the sweater, 17 swatches for leggings, and 6 for jeans, this set will promise endless outfit options!


Floral Outfit

Floral outfit recolor Sims 4 infant clothing cc

This floral swatch of the footie pajamas is absolutely adorable, but the detail that is absolutely sending me is the matching HAT. There’s an option with a bow and an option with bunny ears and… I am unwell. This is just TOO cute. You can’t not download this one! One of my favorite Sims 4 infant clothing cc packs!


Infant Outfit With Matching Hat

Floral CC infant outfit with matching hat

I am a sucker for these matching sets! This outfit does require the new Growing Together EP, so watch out downloading it if you don’t own it! The swatches on this onesie are so freakin’ cute, and the matching hat is everything I never knew I needed. That is one stylish nooboo!


Polka Dot Outfit with Hat

CC Polkadot infant outfit with matching bucket hat

This precious polka dot CC infant outfit also comes with a matching bucket hat, and a few color swatches! This outfit would be SO cute to take your little ones to a pool day or to the brand new splash pad in the world coming with Growing Together.


Teddy Bear Shoes Converted for Infants

Teddy bear infant CC shoes

I can bear-ly take the cuteness. Yes that was a terrible pun. 🙂 What’s not terrible is these shoes! The little bear faces are too cute, and I love all the color swatches these come in. Perfect for Sims 4 infants!


(More!) Infant Sleeper Recolors

Several recolor swatches of sims 4 infant onesie

Sims 4 infants sleep a lot. So naturally, they need a LOT of jammies. This pack has so many cute swatches, and I’m loving the neon green/black checkered option for something a little different. Naturally, there’s plenty of soft pastel options too.


Growing Together Overalls De-Embroidered

Solid swatch of Sims 4 Growing Together overalls

This Sims 4 Infant Clothing CC pack includes 12 add-on swatches to the brand new peter pan overall outfit that comes with Growing Together! Because sometimes you just need a simple look. Remember: this requires the new EP, so don’t download it if you don’t have it.


Infant Bootie Socks Recolors

Sims 4 infant bootie socks recolors

A pair of socks to match every outfit you put on your infants! This pack has 24 swatches of these adorable bootie socks, and will be a staple in Sims 4 infant clothing cc to make the perfect ensemble!


Unquilted Onesie

Unquilted Onesie Sims 4 infant clothing cc

Sometimes simpler is better! This recolor has some unquilted swatches of the new footie pajama onesie. As someone who enjoys the occasional historical gameplay, this onesie is perfect not only for more minimalist infants, but also infants from another time period! Haha. The colors included in this recolor are so soft and gentle– love them!


Cloudnine Outfits for Infants

Two Sims 4 infant clothing cc outfits

This Sims 4 infant clothing cc pack has 2 outfits with several swatch recolors for your nooboos! I am actually obsessed. The soft gingham, and the flowers on the t-shirt! This set is precious, and exactly my aesthetic. The set includes a sweater, jeans with bows, and a onesie. And wayyyyy too much cuteness!


Infant Mismatched Socks

Mismatched Sock CC for Sims 4 Infants

This mismatched socks cc is just… TOO CUTE. It’s just such a realistic detail and definitely an adorable essential to add to your infants wardrobe. The lady bug and the giraffe swatches are perfection!


Sweet Onesie Recolors

Sims 4 Sweet onesie recolors infant clothing cc

These Sweet Onesie recolors for Sims 4 Infants are exactly that: sweet! Angelic. Precious. Cherubic. Maybe even a little cottagecore. All I know is, I am obsessed. I will be using the heck out of this recolor pack with my infants!


Floral Outfit with Matching Bonnet

Infant CC outfit with matching headwrap

I am loving all the floral print options for Sims 4 infant cc clothing! And this one comes with a matching hat, or maybe it’s a bonnet. Whatever you’d call it, I love it. Another sweet option to keep your infants looking perfectly precious!


Frog Onesie

Sims 4 infant clothing cc frog onesie recolor

This is a base game compatible recolored onesie with 4 swatches and the world’s cutest little froggy on it! Yet another adorable option to dress up your infants with some cc clothing.


Sims 4 Icon Sweaters for Infants

Sims 4 colorful icon sweater CC for Infants

I love these CC sweaters for Sims 4 infants! They feature various in-game incons on them with matching sleeves and are so adorably maxis-match. I can’t wait to dress up my nooboos in these, and I love the bright color options for more rambunctious babies!


Edgy Tees & Pants for Infants

Alternative Sims 4 infant tee and pants recolors

This set of tee and pants recolors for infants might be one of my favorites! The designs and swatches are so funky and different– the best word I can think to describe them is a little “edgy”, and I love it! Definitely click through and check out the rest of the swatches, because this a must-have item in your mods folder!


And that’s a wrap on my favorite Sims 4 infant clothing cc!

If you’re looking for more Sims 4 Infant CC, I’ve got another post all about that! Make sure to check it out for some adorable skin details, hairs, outfits, build items, and more!

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