We all know the mods make Sims 4 even better! And Sims 4 infant mods are no different! Some of the mods in today’s round up are specifically for your little nooboos, while some just expand gameplay with Sims 4 Growing Together mods, and a few are just general family gameplay mods! All of these mods add realism and super fun game mechanics to keep your game interesting, exciting, and of course– adorable!

I hope you enjoy this post, and checking out some of my personal favorite Sims 4 infant mods!

Looking for even more infant content? I’ve rounded up my favorite Sims 4 infant cc, Sims 4 nursery CC, Sims 4 infant clothing cc, Sims 4 infant hairs, AND Sims 4 infant skin details and eyes! Time to fill up that mods folder. 😉

Sims 4 Infant Mods & Growing Together Mods

Slower Need Decay Sims 4 Infant Mod

Slower need decay Sims 4 infant mods

Taking care of infants in The Sims is HARD (just like real life, I guess!). Their needs decay so quickly. It’s like, as soon as you feed them they already need a diaper change again, and then they’re about to pass out! lol. This sims 4 infant mod slows need decay by 50%! That’s perfect if you have a big family to maintain, or you prefer a more laid-back play style. This mod is also great for storytellers, who are less interested in the daily-grind of filling needs.

This mod would be great for Growing Together (give you more time to work on those milestones!) but it’s base game compatible as well. Definitely a must-have out of all Sims 4 infant mods!

Lumpinou’s Expanded Milestones Mod For Sims 4

Lumpinou's Expanded Milestones Sims 4 Growing Together mods

When the Sims team announced the addition of Milestones in Growing Together, I was so, so excited! It felt like a return to the memory system of The Sims 2 days. Unfortunately though, there weren’t quite as many milestones as I was hoping for! When one of my Sims went to University, she didn’t even get a milestone for it! 🥲 I was SO excited to see this mod announced by Lumpinou (aka one of the best Sims 4 modders in the game).

This Sims 4 Growing Together mod adds over 50 custom milestones, with moodlets/buffs to go along with them! Your Sims can even react if something is a repeated milestone. The example Lumpinou gave in their post was if your Sims gets cheated on twice, they’ll get a buff that’s basically about “why does this keep happening”! Isn’t that SO cool?! I love how Sims 4 modders expand on the awesome systems the EA team gives us.

While not specifically a Sims 4 infant mod, this mod will expand your family gameplay, big time! You can keep better track of all of life’s biggest moments. 🙂 This mod is currently in Early Access on Patreon, but will be free to download later this month (April 2023).

40 New Milestones by Waffles

40 new CC milestones for Sims 4 growing together mods

Another Milestones Mod! This one is by Waffles, and adds 40 new Milestones for your Sims based on in-game events. Like donating money to charity, having a seance, becoming a skeleton and more! I think both Lumpinou’s and Waffle’s Milestones mods would be a great add to your game. They both cover slightly different themes/topics of Milestones, which will give you even more options to play with! Definitely a great Sims 4 Growing Together mod!

Realistic Lactation Sims 4 Infant Mod By PandaSama

This mod is a BIG ONE. And probably one you’ve heard of before! PandaSama created the Realistic Childbirth Mod which took The Sims 4 community by storm! It added a realistic hospital birth for your Sims, including animations, as well a home-birth option. But this most recent update is such an awesome Sims 4 infant mod! It adds a realistic and incredibly detailed breast feeding mechanic to the mod. Your Sims can pump, eat lactation cookies, mix formula, and soooo much more!

BUT, go ahead and watch the awesome mod overview video by xUrbanSimsx! Jenn is a mom herself, and I loved hearing about the realism of this mod from her, since she knows exactly what she’s talking about! This update is also currently in Early Access on Patreon, but will be free to download later this month. This is one of THE most detailed and realistic Sims 4 infant mods out there!

Active Daycare Career

Who else remembers the Daycare career in The Sims 3?! I loved that career– it was chaotically hilarious. Well now you can do that in The Sims 4 too! And this mod is AMAZING. You can follow your Sims to work in a daycare, taking care of toddlers. Fingers crossed they update it so we can take care of infants in the daycare as well! This mod goes great with Sims 4 Growing Together gameplay, and Plumbella does a great job giving an overview of how it works!

Life Notes Mod by Lumpinou

Lumpinou's Life Notes Sims 4 Growing Together Mods

The Life Notes Mod by Lumpinou goes great with Growing Together gameplay! This mod let’s you create something called “Life Notes” for your Sims, which is basically like a little diary entry or a note about them or their life. This mod is a great way to track your Sim’s life, and even better for tracking multiple generations of a family to look back on! The notes can drop into your inventory, which means you could also add them to the new family heirloom memory boxes included in Growing Together. Definitely a must-have mod for family gameplay!

Science Baby Tweak Sims 4 Mod

Science Baby Tweak Sims 4 Infant mods

Another Lumpinou mod! This Sims 4 infant mod is a small tweak to the new science baby interaction. Instead of a baby magically appearing, it gives you the choice to start a pregnancy instead! I love this mod because it gives you so many more storytelling and gameplay options!

Automatic Character Preferences Mod

Automatic character preferences Sims 4 growing together mod

Automatic Character Preferences if one of the Adeepindigo mods! Adeepindigo is another game-changing modder in the Sims community, and while this mod is small, it is so essential! I love that The Sims 4 Growing Together added extra compatibility with the character preferences, but manually adding them for all the Sims in your save file is such a pain. This mod automatically assigns them, which saves you so much time AND makes your Sims that much more unique! While it’s not exactly a Sims 4 infant mod, it is a mod that goes so well with Growing Together and family gameplay!

Unlocked “Best Hug Ever” Sims 4 Growing Together Mod

Unlocked Best Hug Ever Sims 4 Growing Together Mods

I know I wasn’t the only one who screamed when the child sim jumped in his dad’s arms in the Growing Together trailer! The “best hug ever” interaction has been unlocked by Adeepindigo so now any teen and older sim can do this hug interaction with child sims if their relationship is high enough! This mod is small, but absolutely essential mod for family gameplay! And to expand Growing Together with mods as well.

Confidence Tweaks Sims 4 Growing Together Mod

Confidence Tweaks Sims 4 Growing Together mods

Another small Adeepindigo mod! This one tweaks the brand new confidence system for child Sims in Growing Together. It just adjusts it so your Sims build confidence a bit slower and lose confidence a bit slower too! Definitely a great Sims 4 Growing Together mod to add to your collection, and give you more control over your gameplay!

Less Hovering Sims 4 Infant Mods

Less Hovering Sims 4 infant mods

This is one of the most essential Sims 4 infant mods! I totally appreciate that my Sims are veryyyy doting parents, lol, but sometimes it gets to be a bit too much! This mod slows down all the hovering over infants Sims do so your parent Sims can actually live their own lives. Like I said– one of the most essential Sims 4 infant mods!! It makes family gameplay so much more enjoyable.

Rabbit Hole Date Activities Mod

Rabbithole Date Activities Sims 4 Mod by Adeepindigo

I loved that the Sims team added a rabbit hole movie theater in San Sequoia in Sims 4 Growing Together! It’s a nice way to send your Sims out for date nights without having to micromanage the whole thing. Another of Adeepindigo’s mods gives you even more date night options. With options like couple’s yoga, an escape room, and a cooking class, this mod is an essential in my family gameplay! Teens on up can use these rabbit holes, and Adeepindigo even has a tattoo parlor rabbithole with is functional as part of this set!

Active Babysitting Gigs Mod

Babysitting Gigs Sims 4 Infant Mods for Growing Together

This is such a fun creative addition to Sims 4 infant mods! I already shared the Active Daycare career, and this is similar but a little simpler. In this, your Sims can work as an active babysitter! (You can also choose to send them alone, if you want) Sims in your world with children will post babysitting gigs and you can go watch their kiddos for extra cash. You can babysit other peoples infants, too! I love this gameplay mechanic– it’s perfect for teen sims to make some money, or even sims in college. But I love that it gives you another option to play with the nooboos! A perfect addition to your Sims 4 infant mods collection, for sure!

San Sequoia Red Bridge Override (Sims 4 Growing Together Mod)

San Sequoia Red Bridge override Sims 4 Growing Together Mod

This Sims 4 mod is a small override of the bridge in San Sequoia, the world that shipped with Growing Together. It reskins the bridge to be red, like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco! It’s a small visual tweak, but it adds so much ambiance to the world. It’s a great mod for Sims 4 Growing Together!

Family Life Mod by Jelly Paws (Updated for Infants)

Family Life Sims 4 infant mods for family gameplay

The Family Life mod by JellyPaws has been updated for Infants! This mod is GREAT for family gameplay. It adds ton of new interactions, new traits for different ages, new buffs, new aspirations, a chore system, and so much more! This is an essential family gameplay mod, and I love that JellyPaws has now incorporated the little Sims, making it a great option for Sims 4 infant mods as well.

Default Baby Bottle Replacement (Sims 4 Infant Mods)

Default override baby bottle Sims 4 infant mods

This is one of the simpler Sims 4 infant mods–it’s just a visual override of the in-game bottles! There are four color options and they all look so cute! Sometimes it’s nice to have options to swap things out and keep things feeling fresh every once in a while. Especially if you’re a family game player! You’ll see a looooot of bottles over time, haha.

Bassinet Override For Sims 4 Babies

Sims 4 newborn bassinet override

This Bassinet Override is just a small mod so your newborns can sleep in a cute wooden crib with pillows and a bear, instead of the base-game bassinet. This style bassinet would match perfectly with the old-fashioned crib for infants I shared in my nursery cc roundup!

Baby Skin and Bottle Override

Better Babies Sims 4 newborn skin and hair override

This isn’t exactly one of the SIms 4 infant mods– it’s a newborn mod! Ellcrze created a new overlay for newborns that gives them a cute little outfit and hair and just overall makes them look even cuter than they already are! She has updated this overlay to work with the new skin tone genetics they gave to newborns, as well!

Invisible Baby Mat (Sims 4 Infant Mods)

Invisible infant mat Sims 4 infant mods

This mod is so simple, but so essential. One of my must-have Sims 4 infant mods. All it does is get rid of that auto-generated blanket when you set your infant down. I’m picky about aesthetics in my game, and that little checkered rug always ruined the vibe, lol. Huge thanks to the creator of this small Sims 4 mod!

Toggle Milestone Unlocks (Sims 4 Infant Mods)

Hey there storytellers! You won’t want to miss this Sims 4 infant mod. It’s a Milestone toggled for Growing Together. That means, with a simple cheat, you can unlock all milestones for your infants, and turn right back around and turn them off. Lilsimsie does a great job explaining this mod in her video. If you want to feed your infant foods in the highchair, you need the sit-up milestone unlocks, and this mod allows you to do that, while still being able to unlock the milestone in your gameplay.

Lie On Lap Mod For Child Sims

Lie on lap animation for child and adult sims mod for family gameplay

This mod isn’t specifically for infants or Growing Together, but is so perfect for realistic family gameplay in the Sims 4, that I couldn’t not include it! It’s a simple new animation of a child sim falling asleep in their parent’s lap, and was too precious to skip out on. 🙂 Sometimes it’s the small mods that make the biggest impact!

Seasonal Treehouse Growing Together Mod

Seasonal Treehouse Growing Together Mod

I am obsessed with this Sims 4 Growing Together mod! I’m honestly shocked this wasn’t incorporated into the game to begin with.

This mod adds seasonal swatches to the treehouse that came with Growing Together. There is also an override so the tree will automatically change with the seasons that is optional to download. It’s small, but it adds a bit more realism if you own Seasons (or if you don’t, it’s a great way to fake it!), and that way your tree houses won’t stick out like a sore thumb in the dead of winter.

And that’s a wrap on my favorite Sims 4 infant mods and Growing Together Mods!

I’ll be sure to keep this post updated as more Sims 4 infant mods are released. They’re still a new life stage, so I’m sure there’s even more to come that will enhance our gameplay! In the meantime, feel free to drop your favorite Sims 4 infant mods down in the comments if you find any that you can’t live without! 🙂


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