I am a biiiig fan of poses for Sims 4, and now we’ve got brand new Sims 4 INFANT poses! Poses are the best way to get nice photos of your Sims. While I do love the new in-game poses they added, sometimes you just need a little something more. Personally, I like using poses to get super custom family portraits (just add a photographer to your household to snap the shot, or use Ravasheen’s Full Control Camera) and for making cute edits of my Sims to share on tumblr.

Whatever reason you’re using poses, I have a roundup of the most precious ones for your infants today! Your sims will be excited to bust out these baby pics 😉 So, whether you’re a seasoned Sims 4 photographer or just starting out, these infant poses will help you create some truly memorable moments. So, grab your camera and get ready to capture some adorable shots of your Sims 4 infants!

First, make sure you download Andrew’s Pose Player (if you have an old version, it has been updated for the infants patch!) and the Teleport Any Sim mod to make these work! You can find both mods on this page. The first post is the Pose Player, and if you scroll a little (or use control+F) you can easily find the Teleporter!

Check out my favorite Sims 4 Infant Poses!

Mom’s Kisses Pose Pack for Mom and Infant

Mom's Kisses Sims 4 Infant Pose

Can you say CUTE? The Mom’s Kisses pack is one of the sweet Sims 4 infant poses, and I love how original it is. It is designed to work with the Mom’s Kisses skin detail for infants! Smother your nooboo with love and capture it on your wall forever!


Infant Insanity: Naptime Pose Pack

Infant Insanity Naptime Sims 4 infant poses

This pose pack is massive! It is all about naptime, and comes with 16 poses for 1 adult 1 infant! This pose pack is perfect for storytelling, especially for a fussy infant who doesn’t want to go to bed. I love the variety of poses included in this pack! Definitely a must-download.


Infant Insanity: Family Photos Pose Pack

Infant Insanity Family Photo with Infant Sims 4 Pose Pack

The Family Time pose pack comes with 14 poses for the whole family! These would be adorable photos to capture and put on the walls of your Sims’ homes, and I especially love the three-sibling pose with the child, toddler, and infant.


Infant Insanity: Feeding Time Pose Pack

Feeding Time sims 4 infant poses

The Feeding Time pose pack features several pose set-ups for 1 adult and 1 infant all about meal time! This pose pack is perfect for storytellers, or for posting on your Simstagram! Just make sure you download the spoon accessory to get the most out of these Sims 4 infant poses!


Infant Insanity: Double Trouble Pose Pack

Double Trouble Sims 4 infant poses for twins

Double Trouble is perfect for families with twins! This pose pack features several Sims 4 infant poses for two little nooboos. I love the poses of two infants snuggling and the one of two infants playing! Poor Mom and Dad must have their hands full! But it’s all worth it for the sake of adorableness.


Infant Insanity: Almost Pose Pack

Almost Pose Pack Sims 4 infant poses for first steps

First steps are a big deal in an infant’s life! And for Mom and Dad too. The Almost Pose Pack has Sims 4 infant poses to capture that important moment perfectly! There are several poses to capture every step (ha-ha) of the process!


Infant Insanity: Let’s Share Pose Pack

Let's Share Sims 4 infant poses with toddler

The Let’s Share pose pack is so adorable– it’s a storytelling pose set with a toddler who wants to share the crib with their infant sibling! No toddler bed for me, thanks. Give me all the adorable sibling-love poses, please. 🙂


Mama and Me Pose Pack

Mama and me Sims 4 infant pose

The Mama and Me pose pack is too cute! As the name implies, it’s a simple pose pack with a momma and her baby snuggling up. This set is perfect to snag some picture-perfect family photos!


All We Need Is This (Family + Infant) Pose Pack

All We Need Is This family pose pack with infants for Sims 4

TalentedTrait is one of my favorite sims 4 pose creators, and this pack sets the bar even higher! All We Need Is This has so many pose options! It has something for every member of the family, including your Sims 4 infants! This pose pack is a perfect slice-of-life pack for any and all families.


Baby Fever Pose Pack

Baby Fever sims 4 infant poses with grandparents

I think we all have a little baby fever after the infants update for Sims 4! The Baby Fever pose pack is a precious family set of Sims 4 infant poses perfect for showing off your brand new nooboos to the in-laws (or Kyle Kyleson, tbh). This pack is great for Simblr storytellers and Simstagrammers!


We Love You Pose Pack

We Love You SIms 4 infant pose pack with mom and dad

The We Love You pack is perfect for family photos with Mom, Dad and baby! You can just feel the love in this one!


Baby’s First Friends (Infants + Pets) Pose Pack

Baby's first friend infant poses with pets for Sims 4 infant update 2023

Calling all animal-lovers! Now you can pose your infants with your furry friends, too. Baby’s First Friends features Sims 4 infant poses with big dogs, little dogs, cats, and of course– messing in the food bowls! I’m not sure what is cuter than babies and animals. You’ll want your Sims to have their cameras ready for this pose pack!


Happy Baby Pose Pack

Happy Baby Sims 4 infant pose pack

The Happy Baby pose pack features 3 solo poses for your nooboos. Babies grabbing their feet is the cutest thing ever, and this pose pack has a pose with exactly that! Definitely one of my faves.


Infant Poses by Gunthermunch

Dad holding infant sims 4 pose pack by Gunthermunch

The Infant Pose Pack by Gunthermuch has a few solo adult holding an infant poses for you to choose from. And personally, I think these are perfect for family photos to put on your Sims’ walls! The creator based these poses off of IRL family photos, which makes this set even more special.


Pleasant Walk (Infant Stroller) Pose Pack

Pleasant Walk Sims 4 infant poses with stroller

I’m so happy we got baby carriers, BUT I would have loved strollers in The Sims 4! The Pleasant Walk pose pack gives that to us though, with several poses for Mom (or Dad), Baby and a stroller. Take those littles for a walk around the park at San Sequoia!


Little Dumplin’ Pose Pack

Little Dumplin' Sims 4 infant solo poses

The Little Dumplin’ Pose Pack has a few solo poses for your infants. Wouldn’t it be so cute to take some shots of your infants and decorate their nursery with them on the walls?! This pack of Sims 4 infant poses would be perfect for exactly that.


Through The Years Pose Pack

Through The Years sims 4 infant and family poses

The Through The Years pose pack might be one of my new favorites. It’s perfectly for family photos to decorate your Sims’ homes, or for storytelling and Simstagram. It features a single mom with her infant, but then that infant grows into a toddler, a child, a teen, until finally she’s an adult herself getting married. And last but not least, mom is an elder, her daughter is an adult and she has an infant of her own. 🥺 This generational pose pack tugs on my heart strings and is perfect for generational family gameplay!


Out For A Stroll (Infant Stroller) Pose Pack

Out For A Stroll Sims 4 infant poses with stroller

More stroller poses! Out For A Stroll features a few poses with Mom and Baby out for a walk in the stroller. This pose pack has a sleepy baby, an an upset baby, and even a thumb-sucking pose! Definitely a must-have for Sims 4 infant poses!


Infant Photoshoot Pose Pack

Sims 4 infant photoshoot poses

Lights, camera, action! Time for a photoshoot with your infants! The Infant Photoshoot pose pack has plenty of poses to choose from, both for your infants all by themselves, or held by an adult Sim.


You Are My Little Baby Pose Pack

You Are My Little Baby Sims 4 infant poses with mom and dad

I love this pose pack for brand new parents! We got some cute pose options with Mom, Dad and Baby, as well as some just 1:1 with their parent. I can totally see these Sims 4 infant poses on a cute family Simstagram page!


Sweet Baby Pose Pack

Sweet Baby sims 4 poses with infants

The Sweet Baby pose pack is all things precious. There are three pose options to choose from. One with Mom and Baby on the floor. Another with Mom and Baby on the floor, but Mom is laying down. And finally, Mom with a toddler and an infant! This pose pack really makes me wish we had functional photo albums in Sims 4!


Big Sibling, Little Sibling Pose Pack

Big Sibling Little Sibling toddler and infant pose pack for Sims 4

I am SCREAMING over the cuteness of this pose pack! Something about siblings hugging on each other just makes my heart happy. 🙂 This pose pack features poses for your infants and their toddler big siblings, and included hugging, playing, and snuggling poses for your littlest Sims!


Mumma And Infant Pose Pack

Mumma and Infant Sims 4 Pose Pack

Enjoy this angelic, simple pose pack for Momma and her infant! Their facial expressions look so serene in this one. Definitely a keeper for your Sims 4 infant poses!


Tiny One Pose Pack

Tiny One Sims 4 infant poses

The Tiny One pose pack was inspired by how dads hold babies– like (American) footballs! Haha. There are 6 poses to choose from of your infants being held, with various adorable expressions.


Coo Coo Pose Pack

Coo Coo Sims 4 infant poses

The Coo Coo pose pack has some solo Sims 4 infant poses for you to choose from! The facial expressions and movement in these are absolute precious perfection! I’m so excited to add this pack to my Mods folder!


And that’s a wrap on my favorite Sims 4 infant poses!

If you’re looking for even more infant content (because who isn’t?!) you’re in the right place! Check out my Ultimate Sims 4 Infant CC roundup, Nursery CC roundup, infant skin details and eyes roundup, infant hair roundup, and of course Infant Clothing CC round up!

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