Today’s post is all Sims 4 jeans CC!

I’m dreaming of denim ✨

Jeans. Something you may not think of as being a particular fashion statement or even an item that can make a sim stand out from others.

But I’m here to show you that the right pair can really make an outfit pop!

I know it’s easy enough to find female sim cc, but I was able to dig up some nice male CC jeans too! So we don’t have to have our fellas feeling left out. 🚶🏻

There are so many different types of jeans too: skinny, mom, bell bottom and so many more! I have a little bit of everything on this list, so let’s jump into some jeans!

Check Out My Favorite Sims 4 Jeans CC!

Let’s dive into a world of denim!




Ripped Knee Jeans By Marso

Sims 4 CC Jeans withRipped Knee By Marso

This cute pair comes in 24 swatches, multiple colors, and what looks like super deep pockets!!

I love using this set in my game, they look so comfy and look like they would be stretchy. Like your favorite go-to pair that you’ve had forever and are so careful to take care of.

Nomad Sims 4 Jeans CC Set By TwistedCat

Sims 4 cc lowrise jeans with different colors and patterns by TwistedCat.

These low-rise jeans, with a wide worn flare on the bottom really compliment your sims’ shape.

I love using these in my game for a more sultry outfit, maybe for a flirty date or a night on the town with the girls.

Trill CC Jeans and Shorts Denim Set By Nolan-Sims

Sims 4 cc jeans in different colors called trill set by Nolan-Sims.

Ok so this set is huge!! With a few different types of jeans, shorts, and a skirt your sim will never get bored of.

When you’re looking at the main jeans in CAS, be sure to look at the bottom swatches as they are the ones with rips in them. Can you tell I use these a lot?

Ellie & Brad Jeans By Aharriss00britney x Ayoshi

Here’s another huge set with pants for both male and female sims, hair, and tops!

So many styles and colors and outfit options—and some super great Sims 4 jeans cc 🙌

Jamie Tied Belt CC Jeans By Aharriss00britney

These Sims 4 jeans CC with a fabric belt are so cute!

They are from another set that features tops, hairs, and of course jeans. Although this set is called the Paranormal Add-Ons, you don’t actually need that Stuff Pack to use these items.

Bailey Sims 4 CC Jeans By Ah00b

Sims 4 cc jeans by Aharriss00britney. Medium color, high waisted, with holes torn into them and graphic designs around the knee.

These sims 4 jeans CC come from another set called the Eco Lifestyle Add-Ons, but you don’t actually need the pack to enjoy them.

I really like the layers on these jeans, and that the rips are large enough to see what’s underneath, without worrying about your sims being cold on Mt.Komorebi. 🏔️

Colorful and Patterned Jeans CC With Patches

Sims 4 cc jeans by Trillyke. Varying colors and patterns, from flowers to butterflies and rainbows.

I think Trillyke really outdid themselves with this one.

There are soo many swatches, and styles all within this set.

I personally love the little chain belt on those green/pink jeans. They come embroidered with flowers, butterflies and other cool patterns and patches that are sure to make your sims stand out from the crowd!

Casper Cargos Set by Aladdin-The-Simmer

Sims 4 cc cargo pants by Aladdin-the-Simmer. Varying colors of blue, black and green, with lots of pockets for female frame.

I love that this CC set had a little bit of everything in it. All in total, this cc set has over 38 items! 🔥

The Sims 4 jeans CC alone come in 25 swatches with 5 of them having a more worn sort of style to them.

Plus, there are jeans for both female AND male sims! We always need more male sim cc!

Realistic Sims 4 Jeans CC

Sims 4 cc Lara jeans by Stephanie. Lighter blue denim with back pockets and on a female frame.

The Lara jeans by Stephanie have such great details!

I’m obsessed with the tag detailing on the back—it makes them look right out of a clothing boutique! It’s the ✨ little things ✨

Bonus points? They’re totally maxis match!

Realistic details + maxis match style = a verrrrry happy simmer! ❤️

The Jeans Set 2.0 by Greenllamas

Sims 4 cc jeans by Greenllamas. Mostly grays and blacks, on a male frame in both long, cropped and shorts.
Sims 4 cc jeans by Greenllamas. Mostly blues, on a female frame in both long, cropped and shorts.

You get some denim, you get some denim, we all get some denim! This jeans cc pack has a little bit of everything.

You get shorts and long pants, for both male and female sims! I personally love the female shorts, I’ve always loved jean shorts that show the pockets.

I will for sure be putting these on my sims during the Summer months. Another cool feature is that all of these are boot-compatible, which really opens up your options as far as styling goes.

Colorful Countdown Jeans by Trillyke

Sims 4 cc jeans by Trillyke. Mom style jeans in pink, gray and blue to orange ombre.

These jeans are super cute! I always love a pink swatch. ❤️

The cute cropped yet flared style is super stylish. I think I would have some of my mom sims wear these, cause they are giving me cool mom vibes.

Aima Jeans by Jellymoo

Sims 4 cc jeans called Aima by Jellymoo. Colorful low rise jeans with torn holes and simlish writing on them on a female frame.

One of the things that drew me to this set is the name. If you go to the site the creator explains that they made this set for their friend named Aima!

The reason? To try to convince her to go full maxis match! Isn’t that adorable!? I can get behind that. 😏

There are 80 swatches in total, the colors are amazing and vibrant, and that super cool graffiti is by Xtcsims.

I just love it when cc creators make stuff for their friends or specific fans. It feels so personal and has that little extra bit of love put in.

Flared Sims 4 Jeans CC by Arethabee

Sims 4 cc jeans by Arethabee called megan jeans. Low rise lighter blue jeans with flared bottoms and a black belt with gold buckle on a female frame.

These jeans look so cozy, and I love the wide belt and flared bottoms!

Plus the top that comes alongside these jeans is super cute too!

Harper Jeans by Clumsyalien

Sims 4 jeans cc called Harper jeans by Clumsyalien. Lighter jeans set higher on the waist, with a black belt and round silver buckle.

The wide bottoms, and the buckle belt gives these Sims 4 jeans CC the overall feeling of simplicity yet chic.

Backyard Jeans by Cakenoodles

Sims 4 cc jeans called Backyard jeans by Cakenoodles, Snug blue jeans that hug the female frame with back pockets.

You gotta love these hip-hugging, curve-loving high-waisted CC jeans! 😍

They come in 4 classic denim swatches and are a great go-to pair for any occasion.

Ripped Knee CC Jeans by Sondescent

Sims4 cc jeans titled Just jeans by sondescent. Very high waisted light blue jeans with ripped knees and pockets set on a female frame.

These pants give me major mom jeans vibe, but the ripped knees add a twist of youthful style to them.

They’d look great with a nice tall pair of boots. 👢

Grunge CC Jeans by Emmibouquet

Sims4 cc blue jeans by Emmibouquet. Slightly baggy jeans with writing and ripped knees and with folded up bottoms and underwear peeking above the tops.

Ok, remember earlier I was talking about gifts? These jeans were made specifically as a gift by the creator because of the kindness of their followers.

🥰 Gotta love this community!

I really like the tighty-whities peeping over the top, and the unique grungy vibe!

Jungle Adventure Recolored Sims 4 Jeans CC

Sims4 cc jeans that are a recolor by Emmibouquet. Classic blue jeans with ripped knees, folded bottoms and back pockets.

These pants are a recolor from the ones that came with the Jungle Adventure Game Pack.

You get your normal jeans colors and then … yellow! What a nice surprise.

Do you see your sim wearing these on their next expedition in Selvadorada? ✈️

Jenny Jeans by Serenity

Sims 4 cc Jenny jeans by Serenity. Lighter jeans that are cut above the ankles in a faded style.

Anything Serenity makes, I’m instantly obsessed with 😍

These jeans are so light and relaxed, perfect for a cozy day around the house while you do some skill building. Knitting anyone?! 👵

Paw Print Jeans by Aprisims

Sims4 cc jeans with a paw print on the back left pocket by Aprisims. The jeans are soft looking with tears in them and fit like jeggings.

Calling at pet lovers! These are the purrrr-fect Sims 4 jeans CC for you.

I love the paw print on the pocket of these! I think all Brindleton Bay residents need a wardrobe upgrade…

The creator of these jeans has deactivated their Tumblr but no worries—the download links still work!


Alexia Sims 4 Jeans CC

Sims4 cc jeans called Alexia jeans by Kasssims. The jeans come in a variety of colors, including blue, black and green. They have a studded black belt with a square silver buckle on them and some small tears around the jeans.

Last but certainly not least are these classic skinny jeans!

They’re giving alt style and I’m here for it—love the belt!

They’re super fitted, and come in some really great swatches as well. 🙌

That’s a wrap on My Favorite Sims 4 jeans CC!

See, what did I say?! Denim can be awesome too. 😏 Drop in the comments below what clothing article we should round-up next! Dresses? Suits? Pajamas? We’re taking notes. 📝 🤓

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