The Sims 4 has recently introduced a brand new life stage – infants! With this exciting addition, it’s time to create the perfect nursery for your little ones. And what better way to do so than with some amazing custom content? If only it was this easy to make the nursery of our dreams IRL! In this blog post, we’ll be showcasing the best Sims 4 nursery CC (including functional crib cc!) available to help you create the ultimate escape for our precious nooboos.

And now, time for my absolute favorite Sims 4 Nursery CC for your infants!

Sad Biege Baby Playmat

Sad Beige Baby Playmat Recolor Sims 4 Infants Growing Together EP

I for one am pro sad beige baby aesthetic. And I was counting down the hours until someone released this sort of recolor! Haha. The in-game playmats are so bright and colorful and sometimes you want a more soothing swatch. This playmat recolor by Blarffy is the perfect option for your nursery!


Pastel Playmat Recolors

Pastel Recolors Growing Together Playmat Sims 4 infants

LovelyBuilds has given us even more neutral color options for the playmat! This set comes with 31 solid pastels, perfect for a dreamy nursery vibe.


Boho Playmat Recolors

Boho Sims 4 Growing Together Playmat Recolors for Infants

And next up, we have the Boho Playmat Recolors by LovelyBuilds as well! This item has 22 solid recolors of the Growing Together playmat in fun, warm, boho colors. These could would go great with the Boho Baby Nursery Set below!


Boho Baby Nursery Set

Boho Baby Sims 4 Nursery CC Pack

This Sims 4 nursery cc pack has a whopping 32 items! SixamCC has even updated the changing table to be compatible with the new Growing Together EP. This set features some adorable modern-boho inspired pieces, including a whicker bassinet, and a functional rocking elephant. This set is great to clutter up and decorate any nursery in your game.


Jytte Nursery Set

Jytte Sims 4 nursery cc pack

The Jytte Sims 4 Nursery CC Set by Severinka is adorable! It comes with a child’s best, a toddler bed, and the most amazing modular dresser system with precious baby clothes! While this set isn’t updated with functionality for infants, it does have great wooden texture that will blend in perfectly with the in-game items.


DangleMaster Deluxe Infant Playmat (Base Game Compatible!)

Base Game Sims 4 Infant Playmat

This playmat is base game compatible, which is perfect if you don’t have Growing Together. This one has some fun swatches, but is still less overwhelming than the in-game ones. And I am loving the throwback Sims 2 vibes! Perfect Sims 4 nursery cc to round out your collection.


Coraline Nursery (with functional crib cc!)

Coraline Sims 4 Nursery CC Set with sims 4 crib cc

Let’s kick this off with a sims 4 nursery cc set fit for a little princess! The Coraline set is so soft, gentle, and just gorgeous! This set has already been updated for our new infants, so both the crib cc and the changing table cc are FUNCTIONAL! This set also comes with a functional dollhouse and rocking horse. I swear, modders blow me away every single time.

Helios Nursery Set (with functional CC crib)

Helios Sims 4 Nursery CC Set

The Helios Set has a little bit of everything, from decor, to rugs, to a bassinet. This nursery set is a little more Alpha textured than I usually like to use in my game, but it is SO adorable, I couldn’t resist! I mean, that elephant rocker?! And the sun rug?! Good news is, the crib cc has ALREADY been updated and is 100% functional with your brand new infants! Perfect Sims 4 nursery clutter cc in this pack, as well!

Freja Nursery Set by Myshunosun

Freja Sims 4 nursery cc set with sims 4 crib cc

The Freja Nursery by Myshunosun might be my favorite ever sims 4 nursery cc set. I mean… just LOOK at it! I ab in love with the boho wicker look, the pink, the fluffy rug, the egg chair. This set is just… chef’s kiss, perfection! In my Sims 4 Infant CC round up post, I linked the updated, functional crib for infants, as well! You have got to download this for all your sweet, dreamy lil boho nooboos!

Woodenland Sims 4 Nursery Set

Woodenland Sims 4 nursery cc decor

The Woodenland Set is by a creator that I just found, and I already love their style! This sims 4 nursery set is so freaking adorable. Although none of the items are functional for infants (yet!), you cannot go wrong with the soft pastels and neutral tones. I mean, the teddy bear on the chair!!! Stop. It’s adorable. I need it. Like, yesterday. You do too. Go download it, and spoil your brand new sims 4 infants!

Tiny Twavellers by Hey Harrie and Felixandre

Tiny Twavellers Sims 4 nursery CC

I’m a simple human: anything made by Hey Harrie and Felixandre, I download. The Tiny Twavellers set is perfect for newborns, infants, toddlers and children. It has a travel and adventure theme which is absolutely adorable. I mean, look at that crocodile stuffy! And the dino lamp! This one is perfect for decor in your sims 4 nursery, and let’s cross our fingers they update it to be compatible with infants!

Sonogram Wall Decor for Nursery

Sims 4 nursery cc wall decor sonogram

I can’t think of a cuter decorative item for your Sims 4 Nursery than a CC sonogram! And the little handprint and footprints! I literally can’t. This is a perfect little add (and great for storytelling!) in your sims’ homes.

Tiny Dreamers Nursery Set

Tiny Dreamers sims 4 nursery cc set

Alright, this set is NOT updated for the new infants, but SHOULD work with our existing newborns, in terms of the bassinet. As of March 2023, this creator is taking a small break, so maybe they will come back and update for infants. But this set has so many cute decorative items that would work for both newborns and the brand-new sims 4 infant! I mean look at that dino toy bucket! And the rocking chair! This is a MUST-have sims 4 nursery cc set, and comes in plenty of styles.

Little Roof Crib

Sims 4 nursery cc, sims 4 crib with roof

This is a base game compatible functional crib that comes in 9 swatches and is compatible with the new mobiles Sims can upgrade on infants’ cribs! This CC crib has a cute little roof for some added interest, and a unique style that we don’t currently have with the in-game cribs. And I mean, we’ve waited long enough to make functional nurseries, might as well enjoy all the styles we can get!

Smol Furniture Pack by CharlyPancakes

Smol sims 4 nursery cc

If you haven’t figured it out by now, you will: I LOVE CharlyPanckes CC! Their aesthetic blends perfectly with the maxis match aesthetic (which I love!) and while the Smol Set isn’t fully updated to work with infants, it still has PERFECT decor and vibes for an adorable nursery. This set has items for toddlers, and children, as well as a few furniture items you could use in any room. It is so functional for the entire family, and I just can’t get over those precious animal prints! This is the cream de la cream of Sims 4 nursery cc, in my opinion!

Decor Diapers for Sims 4 Nursery

Sims 4 nursery cc decor diapers

Raise your hand if you have a problem with cluttering your Sims homes! Just me?! Whoops! I will never give up my love for clutter, and this box of “Simpers” diapers is ADORABLE for your new nurseries.

Simply Crib

Sims 4 crib, natural wood sims 4 crib cc

This Sims 4 crib cc by Kalino is base game compatible and minimalist chic! I love a good classic wood swatch– it just feels so high-end. And as you can see, this crib is compatible with the new mobiles we got as well! Kalino is such a talented creator, and sometimes, you just need the basics. This crib is perfect for your Sims 4 nursery cc folder!

Kidsroom Toys

sims 4 cc deco nursery toys, pastels

This set includes a few non-functional, decor only kids toys for your Sims 4 nursery! I absolutely love the rainbow and star stackers– they come in such nice pastel colors! This is a great set to add some realism and personality to your nursery build.

Anna’s Toy Set

sims 4 cc deco baby toys, purple and green

Here’s another set of decorative toys! I wish these were functional because they are just precious. But either way, they’re perfect for adding clutter, decor, and realism to your Sims 4 nursery with CC!

Nursery Wallpapers

This wallpaper set has some dreamy and whimsical swatches perfect for a Sims 4 nursery! Clouds, animals, organic shapes– I can’t even pick my favorite! But I will have fun decorating with these.

Baby Monitor Clutter

Baby monitor sims 4 infant cc decor

Looking for a way to add some realism to your Sims’ nursery? Check out this adorable baby monitor! This custom content adds a touch of authenticity to any baby’s room, and is perfect for Sims who want to keep a close eye on their little one. Personally, I love clutter, and little details like this bring so much realism and immersion to the game, so I had to share it.


Naturalis Baby Blocks Clutter

Sims 4 infant cc block decor

Looking for a way to add some cute and playful clutter to your Sims’ nursery? Check out these adorable baby blocks! This custom content adds a touch of whimsy to any baby’s room, and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color to a neutral space or just want to add some fun and personality to your Sims’ home, these baby blocks are the perfect addition. They come in both English letters and Simlish, so everyone can pick a swatch that suits their play style. Personally, I love simlish for immersion purposes, but you can’t go wrong!


This post was a roundup of my favorite Sims 4 Nursery CC!

Infants are brand new to the game, and I’m so excited to see what else modders release for us to enjoy in our games. Stay tuned for more updates! And in the meantime, check out my Sims 4 Infant CC roundup post for even more goodies to download for our precious nooboos.

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