Hey, hey mods babes! Today we’re diving into the incredible and creative world of Sims 4 save files!

In this blog post, I’m sharing save files that can revolutionize your gameplay, giving you access to incredible stories, stunning builds, and jaw-dropping creations.

Whether you’re seeking a ready-made household of quirky, diverse Sims or a breathtakingly beautiful world to explore, save files are your ticket to an unforgettable Simming experience.

Let’s dive in and explore some AMAZING sims 4 save files. 🙌

Here are my top favorite Sims 4 Save Files To play in!

These sims 4 save files feature incredible builds, diverse sims, and amazing potential for storytelling and gameplay!

I love starting new games in custom sims 4 save files!

When you’ve been playing this game for as long as I have been, you get a little tired of seeing the same old community lots and all the same sims.

When I use a custom save file from one of the creative members of this community, I have so many new places to explore, new sims to befriend, and a LOT more excitement!

I hope you guys enjoy!

Fleuralia Sims 4 Save File

Fleuralia Sims 4 Save File

The Fleuralia Save File is one of my absolute favorite custom sims 4 save files! I use this save file when I start a new gameplay about 99% of the time.

All of the lots are brand new or at least renovated, and all the in-game families have been updated. My favorite part of the Fleuralia save file is all the new households she’s added.

She crowd-sourced households from her community, and now this save file is populated with truly unique and diverse sims! 🙌

My favorite detail about this save file is that there are four seasonal festival lots! It gives me big sims 3 vibes, and it gives me sim something fun to do with every season.

Every single world is updated and good to go in this save file, and this save file does use almost all sims 4 packs.

Fleuralia is amazing about keeping this file updated with each new EP, so make sure to check back here when new games come out.

Portsim Sims 4 Save File (Grungy, Gritty, and REAL!)

Portsim Sims 4 Save File (Grungy, Gritty, and REAL!)

The Portsim Sims 4 Save file by FlorwalSims is INSANE! I could probably write a whole post about this save file alone.

Portsim is perfect for simmers who like a little grittiness and realness in their games (and okay, a little bit of crime too!). It’s not picture perfect or clean or fancy—it’s real, it’s rundown, and it’s full. of. DRAMA. Portsim is based off of Florwalsims own home town and completely replaces Willow Creek, Magnolia Promenade and Newcrest.

Portsim 1.1 (the most recent release of this save, as of this post going up) turns Del Sol Valley into an LA inspired town—but trust me, it’s no Hollywood Hills! This is hands down THE most creative save file I have ever seen.

The sims in this save file are so unique and full of drama and story. There is even a Missing Sim mystery that is solvable! You have to use the “Lit” save, which includes CC & Mods to test out this storyline.

Florwalsims is also currently playing in her own save file on her youtube channel, if you’d like to see this save file up close and personal.

My favorite part of this save file is how unique and different it is, compared to everything else out there! This save file is real and gritty and incredibly immersive. Florwalsims is an amazing builder and made great use of the TOOL mod to completely re-do the worlds we all know and love.

You really have to see this sims 4 save file for yourself to believe it!

I have linked the direct download page below, but here is a tumblr dedicated entirely to info on the save file! It includes townie info, build info, updates as Florwal completes them, and even a playlist for the save! 👀

Dead End Apocalypse Sims 4 Save File

Dead End Apocalypse Sims 4 Save File

The Dead End save file is another one by Florwalsims, and guys, this sims 4 save file feels like a gamepack in and of itself! This custom save file is just as detailed as Portsim, but features a storyline around a zombie apocalypse for you to explore!

Honestly, I can’t even do this save file justice. You HAVE to watch her overview of the save file!

This save file requires a bit of CC and a few mods, which Florwal details out in her download post. But this sims 4 save file has amazing potential for storytelling or living out your The Last Of Us dreams in the sims 4!

You can hop over to the download page directly using the button below, or check out Florwal’s tumblr dedicated entirely to the save (with info on builds, townies, the journal entries included for storytelling, as well as a playlist!) right here.

Antiquated Brindleton Decades Challenge Sims 4 Save File

Antiquated Brindleton Decades Challenge Sims 4 Save File

Antiquated Brindleton is a brand-new sims 4 save file set up to kick off the sims 4 decades challenge! AntiquatedPlumbobs has turned Brindleton Bay into the most incredible 1890s town!

There is a bit of required CC, but that’s pretty typical for sims 4 historical gameplay!

This save includes:

  • Eight new residential lots
  • Seven new community lots
  • Six new households

Everything you need to kick off the Decades Challenge, easy peasey!

If you’re really looking for an immersive gameplay experience, go grab the Historical CAS Background I included in this round-up too!

Windbrook Sims 4 Save File

Windbrook Sims 4 Save File

The Windbrook Sims 4 save file is perfect for those looking for a more realistic vibe!

This save file is similar to Portsim in that it features really realistic, middle class homes, and not everything is shiny and luxury. The creator also made GREAT use of the TOOL mod to make the worlds feel immersive.

This save, however, does not feature the gritty, crime aspect of Portsim! OshinSims did a great tour of this save file.

The lots in this save are amazing, and feel like places we’ve all been to (if you live in middle class America, anyways). The community pool feels especially like one I’ve been to before! I love the attention to detail in all the builds.

And of course, the families all have detailed backgrounds and stories!

The relaxed, realistic ambiance of this save is next level, and I know you guys will love this one!


SweetieWright’s Sims 4 Save File

The SweetieWright Sims 4 save file is an amazing option if you’re looking to mix up your game! SweetieWright is an amazing builder, and does such an amazing job keeping this save file updated with every pack release.

This save file also gives you the option of downloading a populated or unpopulated version. Perfect for those of y’all who like to create all of your own families!

If you go with the populated version, all the families have developed back stories. We love to see it. ✨

ChrissieYT Sims 4 Save File

ChrissieYT on Youtube recreated every single world in the sims 4! This custom sims 4 save file is so amazing and detailed! I love all the builds, and new families Chrissie included.

Something different about this save file though is that all the worlds have an empty lot or two, for you to build on yourself!

Whenever I download a new save file, I always feel bad kicking out their sims or bulldozing their beautiful lots, but sometimes you just wanna make your own house! So I love that detail in this save. 🙂

Chrissie’s builds are INSANE—I especially love how detailed her community lots are. And this save file makes amazing use of the clubs system, which makes the world and its inhabitants feel so alive.

PlumbobKingdom No CC Ultimate Sims 4 Save File

Guys. You absolutely will not believe how amazing this sims 4 save file is! I mean NEXT LEVEL detail. The worlds were all so used to feel completely different. I mean, look at the Pinnacles Neighborhood in Del Sol Valley! PlumbobKingdom literally turned it into the Hollywood Hills!

I am obsessed with this save file. Genuinely, I get distracted just admiring the scenery and the detail in this one.

PlumbobKingdom is the KING of the TOOL mod, I’m convinced. There is so much added world decoration, and every single lot is blow-you-away-amazing.

There is a whole casino lot!

And this entire save is made without CC.

Seriously, just download this sims 4 save file and check it out for yourself! I promise you, you will be amazed! It’s not called the ULTIMATE save file for nothing!

SimLicy 2.0 Sims 4 Save File

SimLicy 2.0 Sims 4 Save File

If you’re a sucker for incredible builds, you HAVE to check out the SimLicy save file! SimLicy is one of my favorite sims 4 YouTubers to watch for speed builds, and this world is chock full of her amazing creations.

The sims 4 save file is a work in progress, and SimLicy plans to keep updating it, so keep that in mind if it doesn’t feel 100% finished. SimLicy is such a detailed builder, so naturally it takes her a while to put all this love into the project!

She has given makeovers to the EA townies, as well as added new families for you to play with or for your sims to befriend.

This save file is so immersive, with such creative builds, and definitely one of my favorites!

San Myshuno 2.0 Sims 4 Save File (Single World)

GalaxySuede has completely revamped San Myshuno!

This save file only includes the one world—so it’s perfect if you don’t want to bloat up your other worlds with a ton of households and sims. Or if you just love playing in San Myschuno!

Per the creator, the save file includes:

100% CC free complete San Myshuno rebuild

7 community lots including restaurant, gym, & karaoke

• Updated townies + 12 new households 

• Every sim has a career, skills, likes/dislikes, & lifestyle(s)

At the bottom of the download post, there is also a link to a directory of all the lots included, so you can scope them out first! Or download them individually, if you don’t want to commit to the whole save file.

Lost In Sophie’s Sims 4 Save File (All Worlds!)

Lost In Sophie's Sims 4 Save File (All Worlds!)

The LostInSophie Save v2.0 is updated for all the packs and expansions, up to Horse Ranch!

Per the creator, this save includes:

  • Townie makeovers, jobs, skills & relationships
  • New Townie families
  • Builds encompassing all lot types and DLCs to make them more exciting and expansive.

I absolutely love the builds in this one, guys! LostInSophie has such a detailed and immersive build-style while not feeling overly cluttered.

CharlyPancakes 10 Years Later Sims 4 Save File (Base Game Compatible Save! Lots of Drama!)

CharlyPancakes 10 Years Later Sims 4 Save File (Base Game Compatible Save! Lots of Drama!)

The amazing CC creator CharlyPancakes has released a save file!

This save is completely base game compatible!

As it stands right now, they have only renovated and updated the three base game worlds: Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, and Newcrest (although they might add more down the line).

If you only own the base game, it’s even more important to spice things up now and again, and save files are a great way to do that.

And this one is wonderful! The builds are gorgeous and unique and immersive in the world.

And guys—you don’t want to skip out on reading the household descriptions! This save has got some fun DRAMA for those storytellers out there!

Everything is based on the idea of it being “10 years later” so we’ll get updates on our old favorites—the Goths, the Landgraabs, the Pancakes. So much fun!

Career World Sims 4 Save File (In-depth Gameplay!)

Career World Sims 4 Save File (In-depth Gameplay!)

If you’re looking for more in-depth gameplay, you NEED the Career World Save File!

This save file is seriously amazing. I mean, even the write-up of everything included is so in-depth. This creator thought of everything!

The whole intention behind the save is to explore career gameplay in the sims!

Every single playable career has a sim in it that you can jump right into playing. There are now career-oriented lots for your sims to partake in their career activities in the world, too.

The creator has also added detailed lore and relationships for each world and between households. Genuinely, I could spend all day reading the posts on their tumblr about all the work that went into this save file!

The lots are gorgeous too—they are mostly compiled from Gallery creators. But the gameplay depth is where this one shines 🙌

SimDaisie Sims 4 Save File

SimDaisie Sims 4 Save File

SimDaisie’s Sims 4 Save File is build-focused! She has included almost all of her own personally created lots.

And let me tell you—they are stunning!

However, no new households have been added. SimDaisie has tweaked the existing households, but the point of this save is the focus on the lots!

Sometimes, all the new sims in a save file can feel overwhelming (and I feel guilty kicking sims out of their houses so my own sims can move in, lol) so I love that this one is alllll focused on new, fun lots for your sims to visit and live in!

Love Letter Sims 4 Save File

Love Letter Sims 4 Save File

The Love Letter save file is exactly what it sounds like—a love letter to simmer nostalgia!

The worlds have been updated to weave in stories from Sims 2 and Sims 3 days! Be still my heart. ❤️

The iconic Pleasant family is back. The Caliente sisters are up to no good. And the mystery of Bella Goth’s disappearance has even returned!

This is such a fun save to dive into if you loved the stories and lore from past sims games, like me. 🙂

Oasis Springs Sims 4 Save File

Oasis Springs Sims 4 Save File

This is another single-world save file! Perfect for my fellow Oasis Springs loving girlies. ✨ I just can’t get over the desert vibes! 🌵

The original creator included the details in French, but I will include the translated information for you guys here!

The lands 🌵 – – – The renovation includes 2 houses for sale, 2 rental lots and the following 7 community places : – A swimming pool – A gym – A restaurant – A store – A cocktail bar – A park – A clinic vet Homes 🌵 – – – 28 Sims live in Oasis Springs, they all have a story, a career, skill points, relationships etc. Some even belong to groups. The foundations have been laid for each of them and it is up to you to see what paths you want them to take.

The necessary packs 🌵 – – – I used all the additional content that I have in my possession. It is therefore advisable to have all the packs up to and including Growing Together.

The care and attention to detail in this save 😻

Ultimate Sims 3 To Sims 4 Save File (Over 155 Sims 3 Families and All Worlds Converted!)

Ultimate Sims 3 To Sims 4 Save File (Over 155 Sims 3 Families and All Worlds Converted!)

For those of us who just can’t seem to let go of Sims 3 (and there’s a LOT, lol) this save file by SpookyOrcas on tumblr has come to save the day!

This is an incredibly detailed conversion of Sims 3 to Sims 4, including over 155 families, and each Sims 4 world represents a Sims 3 world!

The builds have been pulled from the Gallery by talented creators, and the individual working on this save file is committed to continuing to make the homes as accurate to Sims 3 as possible! 🙌

I was just notified of this save’s release, and I am SO excited to dig into it in my gameplay and relive the Sims 3 glory days!

How To Install A Sims 4 Custom Save File

  1. Make a backup of your Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Saves folder. Personally, I copy and paste it onto my desktop in a folder I name “ts4 backup”!
  2. Download the file, unzip, and place files in Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Saves.
  3. If it says you already have a file of that name, change the slot number to a higher number. (Example: change Slot_00000055.save to Slot_00000099.save)
  4. Open your game and click Load Game and find the save file.
  5. Once you’ve got the save opened, make sure you “save as” and create a new file for your own gameplay. This way you can use the save again without having to redownload to get the untouched version!

I hope you enjoyed checking out my favorite Sims 4 save files!

In conclusion, Sims 4 save files are the secret ingredient to transforming your gameplay into an extraordinary adventure. With an array of captivating stories, stunning builds, and vibrant worlds at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re looking to jump into a pre-made Sim household or explore awe-inspiring creations, save files open the door to endless fun and excitement. So, embrace the magic of Sims 4 save files and unlock a world of wonder that will keep you hooked for hours on end.


  1. This is an awesome page. I just got started looking at savefiles because i thought mine may be worth sharing, after 2-3 years of re building ‘worlds’. Once all my lots were done, i had to concentrate on CAS and so the result is a savefile, that im not sure is done right because i never downloaded one ! So is there anywhere i could submit my savefile for some one to test it would help me out .

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