Who is ready for some gorgeous looking sims?! 🤚

Updating your sims skin is an AMAZING way to instantly make your sims look way better! If you’ve ever wondered how people make such attractive sims, I guarantee you it starts with the skin overlays!

Sims 4 skin overlay cc is one of my absolute most essentials of my mods folder. I can’t play without them! They make the EA skin look so blocky and unsmooth. A nice skin overlay can elevate even a sim that’s… not super cute!


Here are my favorite Sims 4 Skin Overlays & CC Skins

As you probably know by now, I prefer a maxis match cc aesthetic! Today’s skin overlays and cc skins reflect that.

I am sharing a few options for default replacement skins, as well as overlays, so you can pick and choose your favorites.

Note: Keep an eye out for which is a default replacement cc skin and which is an overlay! You can only have 1 default skin in your mods folder at a time, but you can have as many overlays as your heart desires!

Mine desires a lot. 😉

Luumia’s Vanilla Default Sims 4 CC Skin

Luumia's Vanilla Default Sims 4 CC Skin

Luumia’s Vanilla is a sims 4 default replacement skin. This means that it will automatically update all the skins across your entire game! Even townies and unplayed households.

The Vanilla sims 4 cc skin is a really great replacement for the in-game skin. It is smoother, and adds extra details like nicer looking ears, fingers, hands, and more.

There are even several cc skin overlays with this set! It includes details for lips, bellies, cleavage, and even nipples (NSFW and 18+, of course!).

This default skin will work in addition to any of the other cc skin overlays I include in this post! But it will not work with other default replacement skins. You can only have 1 default replacement at a time, so just choose your favorite.

Mocha Sims 4 Skin Overlay + Sims 4 CC Skin (Default Replacement)

Mocha Sims 4 Skin Overlay + Sims 4 CC Skin (Default Replacement)

The Mocha Skin is another one of my favorites! This cc skin comes in a default replacement option as well as an overlay.

Personally, this is one of my favorite sims 4 skin overlays! It looks so smooth and I love the details in this one.

It comes with 4 different opacities, too, which gives you the ability for different looks! You can find the skin overlay in skin details under ‘forehead’ and ‘mouth crease’.

Lamatisse’s Bare Sims 4 CC Skin Pack

Lamatisse's Bare Sims 4 CC Skin Pack

Lamatisse is one of my favorite sims 4 skin overlay creators! And their Bare Skintone pack is a must-have.

These are sims 4 cc skins, not overlays and not default replacements. It adds TONS of new skintones to choose from, which you can then layer on your own overlays and defaults on top of.

All in, there are over 100 new skintones!

This is a great cc skin pack and adds tons of diverse skin tone options. I highly recommend this pack for every simmer!

Lamatisse’s Fresco Sims 4 Skin Overlay

Lamatisse's Fresco Sims 4 Skin Overlay

Lamatisse’s Fresco cc skin overlay is one of my absolute favorites! This one also comes in a default overlay version, but I personally use the overlay.

I love the texture on this cc skin, and the detail on the cheekbones! It truly looks so stunning in-game.

This sims 4 skin overlay cc has so many lovely features, and comes with an option to add a double-lid, moles, and a monolid, which gives you plenty of diverse options to fit your sim!

Rosewater Sims 4 Skin Overlay

Rosewater Sims 4 Skin Overlay

Rosewater is another gorgeous sims 4 skin overlay by Lamatisse! It has a beautiful, realistic texture that still looks great in a maxis match game. Personally, I use the overlay version, but you can download the default replacement sims 4 cc skin here.

Lamatisse even added hand-drawn details with the moles, the inner eye corner, and the philtrum! Talk about incredible.

This cc skin overlay comes with 6 swatches: eyebags version 1, eyebags version 2, and wrinkles, as well a 75% opacity for each of those.

I really love that this overlay includes wrinkles, so I can make realistic elder sims. This is definitely one of my go-to overlays!

Olympia Sims 4 Skin Overlay

Olympia Sims 4 Skin Overlay

I absolutely love the Olympia skin overlay! This one is so detailed. I love the pores and the shading and the texture on this one.

This skin overlay comes with three swatches that feature different lip details. So while it doesn’t have quite as many options as some other skins, it’s still a super great option to have in your mods folder!

Soft Peach Skinblend Sims 4 Skin Overlay

Soft Peach Skinblend Sims 4 Skin Overlay

The Soft Peach cc skinblend is one of my favorites! It is super smooth looking, and comes with a swatch with super cute freckles on it that I love!

This is one of my favorite sims 4 skin overlays to use for kiddos and toddlers too! The freckles are such an adorable, youthful look.


Butterish Sims 4 Skin Overlay

Butterish Sims 4 Skin Overlay

The Butterish skin overlay is a really nice, smooth, and simple cc skinblend! You can also download it as a default replacement cc skin.

This cc overlay only has the 1 swatch, so it’s not super versatile. But it is gorgeous, and a great option to add to your cc folder!

Tinsel Sims 4 Skin Overlay

Tinsel Sims 4 Skin Overlay

The Tinsel skin overlay is another gorgeous one by Lamatisse. You can download the default sims 4 cc skin here!

The Tinsel skin overlay has options for eyelids as well as wrinkles, making this a really diverse cc overlay.

Tinsel has a smooth, clean look, and blends beautifully with a maxis-match aesthetic!

Aloe Vera Sims 4 CC Skin Default

Aloe Vera Sims 4 CC Skin Default

Aloe Vera is a wonderful all-ages sims 4 cc skin! It has even been updated for infants.

This sims 4 skin cc also comes with: body and face shine, and a tummy overlay.

Remember: this is a default overlay! So it will replace all skins as a base in your game, and you can only have one in-game at a time.

Miiko Facekit 2.0 Sims 4 Skin Overlay Pack

Miiko Facekit 2.0 Sims 4 Skin Overlay Pack

This face-kit by Miiko is amazing! It is a must-have if you like creating diverse, detailed sims.

This skin overlay includes options for: overall face, dimples, wrinkles, freckles, nose shading, and more!

This set is super maxis match and adorable. I love how soft and glowy this pack is, and I love playing with layering the details!

Okruee Face Details Sims 4 Skin Overlay Pack

Okruee Face Details Sims 4 Skin Overlay Pack

I absolutely love cc by Okruee! This face overlay pack is one of my favorites.

There are several options that add things like wrinkles, dimples, and more. There are 18 details, with 3 different opacities each, making for 54 total swatches!

Talk about customizability!

Agave Skinblend (Default CC Skin + Skin Overlay)

Agave Skinblend (Default CC Skin + Skin Overlay)

The Agave Skinblend comes in both a sims 4 skin overlay as well as a cc skin default replacement—so you can choose which option you prefer!

It is available for all ages, infant to elder, and comes with a wrinkled option!

This is such a great skin overlay—it’s so smooth and clean and bright! This is a perfect maxis match cc skin.

Obscurus N25 Sims 4 Skin Overlay

Obscurus N25 Sims 4 Skin Overlay

The N25 sims 4 skin overlay is a maxis match skin by Obscurus! Usually, they make alpha-textures skins, so this one is a real treat for us maxis match lovers!

It comes in 15 swatches, with 3 tones from light to dark, and 5 styles for each overlay. This skin overlay is only available for female frame sims and teen and up!

This is a super soft, smooth, buttery cc skin, and has a super cute cartoon-y look.

Fawn Sims 4 Skin Overlay

Fawn Sims 4 Skin Overlay

The Fawn cc skin by TwistedCat is a super cute, smooth overlay to add to your mods folder!

This is a face-only overlay, so if you use a default skin with body details, then you’re safe to use this overlay without changing the things you love about your default!

There are 4 different options with different detailing on the face, so you have a few looks to choose from with this cc skin.

Serena Sims 4 Skin Overlay

Serena Sims 4 Skin Overlay

The Serena Skin overlay just gives me Barbie doll vibes! It is super cute and cartoon-y.

It comes in the full opacity overlay, and a low opacity version. There is a full overlay, face only, and body only options as well. This one has tons of options!

And that’s a wrap on my favorite Sims 4 Skin Overlays!

Say goodbye to flat and plastic-like faces because with these custom content options, your Sims will rock the most detailed and lifelike appearances ever.

Wrinkles, texture, and pores? You got it!

These cool features bring depth and character to your Sims’ faces, making them look more human than ever before. So, let your creative juices flow and have a blast customizing your Sims with these awesome tools.

Get ready to create Sims that will blow your mind and make your virtual world truly come alive. Happy Simming, folks!

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