Kick off your sim’s new school year with some incredible Sims 4 university mods!

Whether you’re excited for a new school year to start or not (or indifferent because you’re not in school anymore! lol), you can still get the most out of your Sims 4 Discover University gameplay with the mods I’ve rounded up today.

I was so excited when we got college in Sims 4—I was waiting for that pack for sooo long.

And I’ll be honest—I was a little disappointed with how cheap it was! 😬

Maybe it’s because I’m an American (😭) but it felt wrong for the classes to be so cheap!

The semesters also lasted forever and started to feel like such a grind.

But sims 4 modders came to the rescue with amazing mods that make university shorter (or longer, if you’re into that) and more expensive, and SO much more!

Grab a paper and pen and get ready to take some notes, class, because I’ve got some awesome sims 4 university mods you won’t want to miss!

Check out my favorite Sims 4 University Mods!

Custom Aspirations Sims 4 University Mod

Custom Aspirations Sims 4 University Mod

Custom aspirations are one of my favorite ways to immerse myself in a sim and their gameplay!

The various milestones keep me focused and give my sims so much personality, since they’re focused on one singular goal.

PimpMySims created 7 custom aspirations all surrounded university life!

The 7 aspirations included are:

  • Sporty Scholar
  • Campus Crook
  • Part Time Parent
  • Part Time Student
  • Balanced Life
  • Campus Crush
  • Party School

Each custom aspiration has a bonus trait your sims is awarded upon completion.

I love the attention to detail in this custom aspiration mod—each aspiration level (freshman, sophomore, etc.) has a different theme and each level provides so much opportunity for fun gameplay and storytelling.

These custom aspirations are a great way not to get bogged down by the grind of class -> study -> final -> repeat and get out there and ENJOY university!


Various Gameplay Tweaks/Fixes Sims 4 University Mods (Higher Scholarship Amounts, Less Weird Food From Roommates, etc.)

This is a list of small mods and tweaks by Zero made for Sims 4 Discover University.

My favorites on this list are:

  • Ask Roommate To Stop
  • Roommates Tweak (no more bizarre lobster dishes on the dining table! Pizza all the way. And more appropriate settings for parties, trash creation, etc.)
  • High Scholarships (personally, I use the More Expensive University mod, so to balance it out I also use this one too!

I suggest taking a look at the list and seeing which of these mods sound right for your play style!

Faster Term Papers and Presentations Sims 4 University Mod

Faster Term Papers and Presentations Sims 4 University Mod

If you’re sick of the grind that university brings, and want to experience more of the fun, this mod is for you!

This mod speeds up your sim’s progress on term papers and final presentations!

You still gotta put in the work, but now it won’t take quite so excruciatingly long.

Teen Enrollment Sims 4 University Mod

Teen Enrollment Sims 4 University Mod

Talented teens can now take Britchester by storm!

This mod makes it possible for the high school to offer your teen sims a chance to skip directly to college.

The likelihood is much higher for genius sims, but any teen sim can get this chance card popup.

Note: this mod works best when paired with a mod that allows teens to manually quit high school (Zero has 2 options linked at the bottom of the download post).

Shorter Degree Requirements Sims 4 University Mod

Shorter Degree Requirements Sims 4 University Mod

This a must have mod for me, y’all!

With this mod, you can choose to make your degree requirements shorter.

Normally, a sim needs 12 classes to get a degree. With this mod, you can choose between: 4, 6, 8, or 10!

Personally, I go for 8 classes and have my sim take 2-3 classes a term! That means they finish in less terms, and they have more time outside of classes to actually enjoy their college experience.


Longer Degree Requirements (2, 3, 4 Weeks) Sims 4 University Mod

On the flip side, if you like playing on long lifespans, you can also make your terms last longer with the same amount of classes!

You can choose from 2, 3, or 4 weeks.

With a longer term, your sim has WAY more time to study and get their grade up and time to work on their finals. That means you can fit way more into your time on campus, too!

Change Into Everyday Wear For Class Sims 4 University Mod Tweak

Another essential must have mod for me!

It’s a small one: it simply makes your sim change into everyday wear before heading out to class!

Seeing my sim hop out of bed and run across campus in their PJs was funny (and pseudo realistic) the first few times, but it started to get a bit ridiculous, in my opinion.


Adeepindigo’s University Application Overhaul (Personal Favorite Sims 4 University Mod!)

Adeepindigo's University Application Overhaul (Personal Favorite Sims 4 University Mod!)

This is one of my FAVORITE sims 4 university mods!

Adeepindigo is an incredible modder and always adding such in-depth and realistic systems to this game.

The University Application Overhaul is so immersive and perfect for storytelling.

Instead of simply applying and waiting for your inevitable acceptance, your sim now must fill out and submit their application (which costs money, too!), they can request transcripts, letters of recommendation, write an application essay, and can even make a campus visit to their school of choice.


Choose Your Uni Roommate Sims 4 University Mod

Choose Your Uni Roommate Sims 4 University Mod

This mod let’s you choose a roommate when your sims goes off to University!

This is perfect for getting other sims in your world enrolled in uni at the same time as the sim you’re playing, without having to make them controllable.

LittleMissSam’s Better Autonomous Homework Sims 4 University Mod

The Better Autonomous Homework mod applies for all homework in-game, but is particularly useful for university!

Sims with better grades will now complete homework faster, and are more likely to do it on their own accord.

Ravasheen’s Bachelor Of Sports Sims 4 University Mod

Ravasheen's Bachelor Of Sports Sims 4 University Mod

Ravasheen is back at it again with some incredible functional cc! This time with some sims 4 university mods!

The Bachelor Of Sports items allow your sims to attend soccer and e-sports matches from anywhere in the game. You no longer have to route to the stadiums at Britechester and Foxbury!

Pair this with the next mod on my list (also by RVSN) and you can create a functional university in any world!


Ravasheen’s Long Distance Learning Sims 4 University Mod (Go To Class On Any Lot!)

Ravasheen's Long Distance Learning Sims 4 University Mod (Go To Class On Any Lot!)

The Long Distance Learning sims 4 university mod by Ravasheen is so freaking cool.

I might not seem like a big deal, but it makes it to where ANY lot in ANY world can become a fully-functioning university!

You will never have to travel to Britechester again if you don’t want to!

This is PERFECT for simmers who are super into immersion (or historical players who have a very specific world set-up for their gameplay).

All you do is smack that diploma on the wall and now your sim can do everything they would normally have to do on campus buildings in Britechester!

University Costs More Sims 4 University Mod (Must Have Mod, For Me!)

THIS is one of my absolute favorite sims 4 university mods.

Probably because I’m an American. And also a masochist.

$250 a class was just not cutting it for me—especially for my wealthy sims!

This mod increases the cost of your sim’s university tuition. 😇

If only we had the motherlode cheat IRL, right?!

Custom Degrees Sims 4 University Mod

Custom Degrees Sims 4 University Mod

This sims 4 university mod includes TONS of brand new custom degrees your sims can choose from!

Your sim can now choose to study from subjects like Archaeology, Folklore & Mythology, Music Arts, Philosophy, Chemistry, Health and Fitness Science, Veterinary Medicine, Medical Science, and SOOO much more.

Each new major even comes with custom textbooks for your sims to buy.

This mod pairs beautifully with the custom electives mod linked below!

Custom Elective Classes Sims 4 University Mod

Custom Elective Classes Sims 4 University Mod

This mod is actually AMAZING, you guys.

Not only are there custom electives for nearly all the in-game skills (skiing elective, anyone?!) this mod is also integrated with other mods!

For example, if you use the Language Barriers mod (linked in my Best Realistic Mods round-up), your sim can now take language classes as an elective.

There is also integration with the Rambunctious Religions mod, as well as some 18+ integrations with Wicked Whims and Basemental. 👀

No Student Housing Lot Restrictions Sims 4 University Mod

No Student Housing Lot Restrictions Sims 4 University Mod

This is a small mod that makes it to where there are no more lot restrictions on University Housing lot types.

All the stoves, everywhere!

Maybe install a fire sprinkler too, though. 🙂

Degree Required For Advanced Career Promotion Sims 4 University Mod

I freakin’ love this mod.

Again, I love to make my sims lives harder!!!

Instead of your sim climbing the ranks of their career simply by being high-skilled, they now will run into a road bump and have to get a degree to reach the top of most fields.

I love the realism of this, you guys.


Rejection Letter Sims 4 University Mod

Rejection Letter Sims 4 University Mod

Yet another masochistic sims 4 university mod 😌

This mod allows your sim to actually get REJECTED from college!

Default in-game, they always get accepted to some programs at each school, depending on skills. But with this mod, if their skills are TOO low, they can get rejected entirely and have to reapply down the line.

Graduation Party Custom Event Sims 4 University Mod

Graduation Party Custom Event Sims 4 University Mod

This custom event by KiaraSims lets your sim throw a graduation party!

There are all kinds of new goals, a new reward for a gold event, and some event-specific socials, too.

College Reunion Custom Event Sims 4 University Mod

Similar to the Graduation Party event, this is an event for College Reunions!

This is such a fun one for storytelling purposes. I love all the custom socials and event goals.

New Student Welcome Day Custom Event Sims 4 University Mod

One more custom event! This one is like a new student orientation.

Your sim will need to do things like introduce themselves to other college students, have a drink, dance, and take selfies.

Sheldon Cooper Scholarship Program For Teens Sims 4 University Mod

Sheldon Cooper Scholarship Program For Teens Sims 4 University Mod

The Sheldon Cooper Scholarship Program mod is perfect for teen sims looking to get a leg up on the college grind!

Your sim can now take night classes that put them ahead and can potentially get them a BIG scholarship grant ($10k+!).

This program also readies your sim for entrance into a Prestige Degree program.

This one is for all those overachiever sims out there!

Functional Internships Sims 4 Mod

Functional Internships Sims 4 Mod

MaplebellSims is quickly becoming one of my favorite modders (they made the More Kisses mod, linked in my romance mods round-up!) and the Internships Mod is no exception!

While technically this isn’t a sims 4 university mod (your sim doesn’t have to go to college at all to get an internship), it felt relevant enough that I wanted to include it!

Basically, your sim can now reach out to an internship agency and they will get placed with a few different internship opportunities depending on their skills.

There are paid and unpaid opportunities, and even travel internships (where your sim with disappear off lot for the time alotted).

I think this is SUCH a cool, creative and in-depth mod, and if you enjoy the university gameplay and earning your sim’s spot in their career, I think you’ll love this one too.

And that’s a wrap on my favorite Sims 4 university Mods!

Sending my sims to college is one of my favorite things to do, and these sims 4 university mods make the experience that much better. I hope you found a few great additions to your gameplay in today’s post!

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