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In this post, we’re diving into the world of weddings, with a focus on one of the most important details of any bride’s big day: the dress!

Whether your Sims are planning a lavish ceremony or an intimate affair, finding the perfect wedding dress is essential.

Fortunately, with the help of some amazing Sims 4 wedding dress CC, you can easily create a stunning bridal look that’s all your own. So, get ready to say “I do” to some of the most beautiful and unique wedding dress CC available for Sims 4!

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Sims 4 Wedding Dress CC For The Perfect “I Do”!

Sentate RSVP Collection Sims 4 Wedding Dress CC Pack

Sentate RSVP Collection Sims 4 Wedding Dress CC Pack

Another stunner of a set from Sentate. 🥵

This CC pack features five new cc wedding dresses and even new cc shoes to wear for your big day.

Madlen Lina Dress

Madlen Lina Sims 4 Wedding Dress CC

Madlen is such a talented Sims 4 maxis match cc creator! And this wedding dress is no exception. It’s a classic, spaghetti strap dress and perfectly chic. Madlen included other color swatches, so your Sims can use it other big days, too!


Princess Bridal CC Pack by Zeussim

Disney Princess inspired Sims 4 wedding dress cc pack by Zeussim

Zeussim is one of the best Sims 4 dress CC makers out there! And this wedding dress CC pack is absolutely incredible. Each dress is based off of a different Disney princess! 🙂 I love the variety of styles in this one. You’ll definitely find a dress you love! And even something for the flower pals too!


Nixieplum’s Bridal Collection Maxis Match Wedding Dress CC Pack

Collection of Sims 4 wedding dress cc by Nixieplum

The Bridal Collection by Nixieplum is another great Sims 4 wedding dress CC pack! This set comes with 3 long dresses, 2 short dresses and even a jumpsuit! Each item has 8 soft pastel swatches to choose from that are perfect for your Sims’ dreamy day!


Rusty’s Soft Pink Tulle Gown

Rusty's Soft Pink Tulle Wedding Dress CC for Sims 4

Is your Sim wanting a more whimsical wedding? The Soft Pink Tulle Gown by Rusty might just be their “say yes to the dress” moment! I love the floral detail on this dress and the soft color swatches. I can totally see this gown in a woodland Henford-on-Bagley Sims 4 wedding!


Joliebean’s Olivia Dress

Joliebean's Olivia Dress part of the I Love That Journey For Us Sims 4 Wedding CC Pack

I love how unique Joliebean’s Olivia dress is! The corset top and high-low skirt are so different compared to most Sims 4 wedding dress CC. This dress is also part of a full-on Wedding CC pack, so your Sim can get the full look from her veil to her jewelry to her shoes. Definitely a must-have CC pack!


Miiko’s Provence Wedding CC Pack

Provence Wedding Sims 4 Dress CC Pack by Miiko

Alright ya’ll, I’m not gonna lie, THIS dress would be my Simself’s wedding gown! Lol. The Provence Wedding CC Pack by Miiko is whimsical and dreamy and oh-so-beautiful! This set not only comes with wedding dress CC, but it also comes with a few hairstyles for your Sims 4 bridal needs!


Madlen’s Bridal Pack

Madlen Bridal Pack with 2 Sims 4 wedding dress cc outfits

Another stunner from Madlen! Two, actually. The Bridal Pack comes with 2 different dresses for your Sims 4 brides. One is more fitted and chic, while the other has a ball gown with modern straps and interesting corset detailing. Just like the Lina dress, these both come in non-wedding swatches so they’re even more versatile. Perfect Sims 4 wedding dress CC for the fashionable brides in your game!


Sentate x Joliebean Till Death Do Us Part

Sentate and Joliebean Sims 4 wedding dress cc collab

Sentate and Joliebean might be some of my favorite CC creators, and this collab pack between them BLEW me away! This pack has wedding outfits (including some gorg Sims 4 wedding dress CC) for the entire party: the guests, the groom, the bride, and even flower pals! This set is built on a 20-swatch color palette so there will be a look for every Sim to love. There are even hairstyles, jewelry, and shoes! Seriously, just go download this one. You won’t regret it!


Gianna Bridal Set

Gianna Bridal Set Sims 4 Wedding dress CC with tiara and earrings for royal wedding

The Gianna Bridal Set not only comes with gorgeous Sims 4 wedding dress CC, it also includes a tiara and earrings. Perfect for your regal Sims, or even a Sims 4 royal wedding, perhaps?! So many options with this classic, fancy look!


Thalia Mermaid Dress

Thalia Mermaid Style sims 4 wedding dress cc

The Thalia Dress has such a stunning silhouette! This dress is a classic Mermaid gown, which if you’ve ever watched Say Yes To The Dress, you know people love. This Sims 4 wedding dress is sure to make a statement when your Sim walks down the aisle!


Tri Wedding Dresses By Zeussim

Zeussim Sims 4 wedding dress cc with 3 dress styles

The Tri Wedding Dress set from Zeussim is another stunning CC pack! There is a sweet style, a modern style and a classic style, AKA something for every Sim to pick from! I absolutely love the textures and details on these Sims 4 wedding dresses. Just look at that pleating! Definitely keeping this set in my game forever.


Winter Wonder Set by Zeussim

Winter Wonder bridal set SIms 4 cc by Zeussim

The Winter Wonder set by Zeussim (can you tell I love their CC packs?!) isn’t explicitly bridal, but I loved it too much not to include it! It’s the perfect look for a winter wedding. Can you image saying your “I do’s” in Mt. Komorebi?!


Estella Wedding Dress

Estella Sims 4 wedding dress

The Estella Dress is absolutely beautiful! It is totally giving me Princess Bride vibes with that skirt. It comes with a white swatch, perfect for a traditional wedding in Sims 4. But there’s also plenty of other fun color options to choose from, which makes this CC item truly versatile!


Beocreations Cindy Wedding Dress

Classic ballgown wedding dress for Sims 4 by beocreations

The Cindy Wedding Dress by Beocreations is your classic ballgown. I mean look at that! It is so incredibly dreamy. Your Sim is sure to make a statement with the big poofy skirt! This Sims 4 wedding dress CC is going to be a cornerstone in my mods folder!


EA Rainbow Wedding Gown Fix

Sims 4 EA rainbow wedding dress cc for pride month fix

Some of you might remember the rainbow wedding dresses EA gave us around the time My Wedding Stories came out. Well…. let’s just say, a LOT of us simmers weren’t too pleased with how loud those swatches came out! Zeussim saves the day for Sims 4 weddings everywhere (again! lol) with these overrides! They softened the rainbow colors, made the smoother, and overall look so much better! Celebrate your Sims 4 LGBTQ+ weddings in even more style!


Floral Wedding Dress by Beocreations

Sims 4 floral applique wedding dress cc by Beocreations

Beocreations back at it again with another gorgeous gown! This Sims 4 wedding dress CC is such a classic look. I feel like I could find this exact dress in a bridal shop right now! The floral applique detailing is breathtaking. This is a must-have CC gown!


Regina Wedding Dress

Sims 4 Regina ballgown wedding dress CC

The Regina dress is your picture-perfect ballgown! I am absolutely awe-struck by the elegance of this gown. You have to download this Sims 4 wedding dress CC! Especially if you’ve got some boujie Sims, haha.


Chantal Wedding Dress

Sims 4 fit and flare wedding dress CC

The Chantal Gown is your classic fit-and-flare gown. It’s fitted at the top but has a beautiful, full skirt. This is such an elegant silhouette and is a gorgeous piece of Sims 4 wedding dress CC. You know you want to download this one! And, bonus! It comes in other swatches besides white, so it’s versatile for even more fancy occasions for your Sims.


Anveay Wedding Dress by Beocreations

Anveay Sims 4 wedding dress CC transparent with white lace overlay by Beocreations

If your Sims isn’t afraid to show some skin, this wedding dress CC by Beocreations is 🔥 !! Is it completely transparent, aside from some white lace overlays and WOW is this gown beautiful!!!


Simcelebrity’s Wedding Collection

Simcelebrity's off-the-shoulder Sims 4 wedding dress CC and hair

Simcelebrity’s Wedding Collection is actually in collab with Miiko’s Provence Wedding set! This set comes with 2 style of wedding dresses and 2 wedding hairstyles for your Sims 4 brides! The wedding dress in this CC pack has a sleeved option and sleeveless option. The off-the-shoulder sleeves are adorable!


Zeussim Brides Of The Undead Wedding Dress CC Pack

Zeussim Brides of the undead sims 4 wedding dress cc pack

Okay, the name might freak you out a little, but the wedding dress CC pack is a must-have! Each dress does come with a bloody swatch (perfect for Spooky Day dress up, anyone?!), but they also come in perfectly normal wedding-ready swatches. 🙂 I absolutely love this set. The dresses feel a little more historically inspired, so would be perfect for a Sims 4 Decades Challenge or History Challenge gameplay. But there’s also some modern ones in there too! I particularly love the one on the far right with the sheer sleeves. You HAVE to download this one!


Glamour Up CC Pack by Zeussim

Zeussim Glamoue Up Wedding Dress CC Pack for Sims 4

The Glamour Up CC Pack by Zeussim includes some gorgeous gowns! There are white swatches on almost all of these, making this a great set to download for Sims 4 wedding dress CC for your more formal weddings. But what I really love about this pack is that these gowns are sooo versatile! I mean, look at that floral swatch! Gorgeous! Zeussim can do no wrong when it comes to dresses. You won’t want to miss this one.


Zeussim Scandalace Wedding CC Pack

Zeussim, set of 4 sims 4 wedding dress CC outfits featuring lace details

Zeussim has BLESSED us with the Scandalace collection! There are four styles, including one short dress, and each has the most incredible lace detailing on it! Seriously. I don’t know how CC makers DO this. Absolutely beautiful Sims 4 wedding dresses.


And that’s a wrap on my favorite Sims 4 wedding dress CC!

tl;dr–Zeussim. 😂 Seriously though, all of these creators are so, so talented and I hope you enjoy showing off your Simmies in these gorgeous gowns!

As they say, first comes love, then comes marriage, and then comes… nooboo in the baby carriage! If your Sims are looking to expand the fam, make sure you check out my Sims 4 Infant CC roundup!

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