Today’s post is all about Sims 4 werewolf mods and CC to improve your occult gameplay for these moon-loving creatures! 🐺

From CC to change their appearance to gameplay mods that get rid of annoying quirks, or add more depth to your were-sims, we have a little bit of everything today.

Lets check out some of my favorite Sims 4 Werewolf Mods!

I know there isn’t a lot of werewolf mods and cc out there, so I did some digging to find you guys some amazing content. Let’s dive in!


Wolf Eyeliner Begone Sims 4 Werewolf Mod

We see a werewolf without the default eyelines, plus new styles of feet and hands

So many people were upset when the werewolves pack came out because of the “unnecessary” eyeliner. Personally I could take it or leave it but if you’re one that would rather not have it then this is the perfect mod for you.

This mod not only removes the eyelines but it also comes with hands and feet overrides!

Extended Muzzle & Mouth Slider Sims 4 Werewolf Mod

We see four pictures depicting the differences with the sliders this mod gives

With there being so many interpretations of werewolves it would make sense that we can all expect them to look different.

These sliders make it so you can make the mouth and muzzle of your favorite furry beast into whatever length you like.

So whether you like your werewolves with cute button noses, or long grizzly snouts this mod will help tremendously!

Werewolf Costume CC by Natalie-Auditore

In this picture is a dark grey werewolf in menacing poses

Now this piece of werewolf cc is a super cool costume to put your sim into. All the werewolf style and appearance traits with none of the moon-bound curse!

I’m sure you’ll be able to find some perfect poses for this too!

Werewolf Experience Mod by Chaavik

Young werewolf sim with his werewolf info tab open

Level up faster with more XP for actions.

No more grinding for hours for that new ability! 

No Werewolf Powers in Batuu Sims 4 Werewolf Mod

Black and red werewolf in Batuu

This mod is pretty straightforward which is awesome.

Per the mod creator: Your fury will not accumulate in this world, according to my experiments and game code. When transformed, the werewolf will have the same costume as the sim, and the werewolf will have eyebrows.

May the force be with you(r werewolves).

Werewolves Always Use Walkstyle by Aelaan Bluewood Sims 4 Werewolf Mod

Werewolf comparison of walking like a human sim or running like a wolf

Do you hate how your werewolves walk like a human? Then you’ll love this mod as it makes your werewolves walk on all fours!

Better Werewolf Cheats by Carl’s Guides

Werewolf with available cheats around them

Carl is an amazing modder that has gifted us with some wicked cool and helpful mods. For this one you can unlock cheats such as equipping more temperaments for your werewolf. 

Alpha Werewolf Overlay by Sewersims

A huge white alpha werewolf with enormous body proportions

This is a full body werewolf overlay to help your wolf look like the monstrous creature that you see them as. Look at them abs!

Werewolf Sympathy Mod by Awwoo56709

A sim trying to be sympathetic to a werewolf

With this werewolf sympathy mod you’re able to gain that sympathy at 65+ friendship rather than the default 99+ that EA gave us. No idea why they like to make us suffer like that (eye rolling emoji)

Werewolf/Lycan Mod by Spinning Plumbob

Spinning Plumbob's werewolf vs the EA werewolf

This epic werewolf/lycan mod by Spinning Plumbobs is a complete game changer. They made this before werewolves came out and edited the mod after to help them work together seamlessly. Have fun with the werewolf shedding and bad breath. (and so much more!)

More Hidden Werewolf Mod by Onebeld

Phrase comparisons for sims4 werewolf actions

This mod is so cute in that it changes common activities to the werewolf version. Such as changing the action of “taking a shower” to saying “take a wild shower”. It would be such a cool addition to your game to help you stay in character.

Paintable Tails by Spinning Plumbob

A sims4 werewolf with a tail

Again we are praising Spinning Plumbob for creating a mod that lets us paint the werewolf tails!! Let your inner artist go crazy!

Animalistic Werewolf Legs by Spinning Plumbob

Showing realistic werewolf legs for sims4 werewolves

Do you not like the human werewolf legs we got from EA? How about some more wolfy looking legs that have that cool bend to them? If so then check out this mod!

Werewolf Bloodlines by Banduhaine

Werewolf bloodline ideas on a brown background

If you want to add a little more backstory to your werewolf gameplay then try out this bloodlines mod by Banduhaine!

Werewolves More Interactions Reduce Fury by Thunder1143

This mod was made with the intention of helping your werewolves decrease their fury. With this mod your werewolves can lower their fury with things like a massage, relaxing in the Onsen or doing some yoga. Let’s get that fury level down shall we?

Werewolf Fury Enhancer and Reducer Spells by Rolwen

book with two spells for maxing out a werewolf's fury and the other makes it zero

Do your werewolves and spellcasters have some beef? Well with this mod your spellcasters can either max out a werewolf’s fury or reduce it to zero. Better start making friends with some spellcasters!

No Relationship Loss from Werewolf Activities by Shayminnasakura Sims 4 Werewolf Mod

A sim turned into a werewolf around other sims and they didn't react negatively

Your were-sims will no longer lose relationships when turning around other sims!

Mooncasters Sims 4 Werewolf Mod by Just Neilio

A dark gray werewolf with white eyes holding a wand with bright white light coming off of the tip

Are you looking for a werewolf mod that adds some awesome lore and new abilities? Then look no further than this wonderful mod by Just Neilio!

This mod utilizes the story included in the pack about Mooncasters (part werewolf, part wizard) to unlock all new spells and abilities!

Werewolf Toggle Mod by TwistedMexi

Shows a brown and gray werewolf

TwistedMexi made this cool mini mod that lets you toggle your werewolves on or off globally.

As stated on the download page: Any would-be werewolf will be forced into a normal skin when they spawn including pre-made sims.

Immortal Werewolf Nerfed by Zeldagirl180 Sims 4 Werewolf Mod

A werewolf has passed away and Grim is lounging on a chair

Feel like the immortal werewolf perk is a bit too strong?

So did Zeldagirl180 so they made this mod that only stops werewolf aging, they can die from other causes now.

Werewolf Walk Override by SpinningPlumbob

A werewolf walking next to a werewolf running on all fours

Here we have another small Sims 4 werewolf mod by Spinning Plumbob for werewolf walking styles.

Werewolves will now walk with the same walk style from their Werewolves mod, hunched and growling like the night creatures they are, as well as run on all fours any time they are in their beast form.

Natural Werewolf Eyes by EachUisge

Different colors of werewolf eyes

EachUisge makes some super cool animal mods and cc for Sims4. These werewolf eyes are no exception, check out those amazing colors and reflections.

Werewolf Mohawk by Redearcat

Two different color werewolves sporting mohawks

I didn’t have punk rock werewolves on my 2024 Bingo card, but you know what, I think I’m obsessed.

Spinning Plumbob’s Occult Preferences Mod

A page in create a sim that lets you choose what types of occults your sim does, or doesn't like

Have you ever made a spellcaster that you wanted to fall in love with an alien? Maybe she started getting feelings for a werewolf instead? Well with this handy little sims 4 werewolf mod you can set preferences for your sims on which occults they like and dislike!!

Twisted Fate Sims 4 Werewolf Mod by Shino Nox

Pictures showing the new fated mate system

Ok this mod is so cool, it changes the whole “fated mate” for werewolves and makes it so they will only have a vampire as a fated mate. Isn’t that so cool!?

Enemies to lovers, anyone?!

Werewolf Default Eyes 1 by Anonimux Simmer

Alternate werewolf eyes with a white ring or a black ring

More werewolf eyes to check out—look at these beauties!! They totally scream mythical creature to me. What do you think?

Aqua Trigger Werewolf Eyes CC

Werewolf eyes with black or white sclera swatches

Look at these beautiful eyes by Missrubybird!! Those purples are epic! 👀

She was also kind enough to make a defaults and a non defaults type so everyone has options!!

Werewolf Overhaul Suite by Waffle’s Mix-Ins

A picture showing different ways to calm down your werewolf, such as a mud bath or meditation

Ok, I love love this mod! It brings you even more ways to bring down your werewolf’s fury and they make sense!

From meditation to zoomies your werewolf is sure to calm down. There might even be a few other actions you can do too 😏

Grumpy Werewolf Default Skin by Ortelassa Goldstein

A black and red werewolf with a gold nose ring default skin for your sims

This default skin is amazing!! It changes your werewolf into something out of an ancient scary bedtime story.

With spikes coming out of your arms, you’re sure to scare off anyone that isn’t a werewolf supporter!

That’s a wrap on Sims 4 Werewolf Mods!

Let me know if you have any cool werewolf mods or cc in your game! We’d love to hear from you and add to our list! Which occult should we cover next? 👽

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