Rumors about The Sims being made into a movie have been circulating for years, but new information from Hollywood Reporter point to this being the real deal! 😱

Even better, it’s reported that Margot Robbie is producing The Sims movie!

Yes, Margot Robbie.

As in, The Barbie Movie Margot Robbie.


You guys. I think they may be legit.

I’ve seen articles from Polygon, IGN, and even Youtube creators talking about this.

There are several big names attached to this news, and it seems like this project is well underway. It’s too soon to say for certain, but I think The Sims might be coming to the big screen, friends!

What’s The Sims Movie Going To Be About?

Now THIS is the big question I think we’ve all been wondering.

At its core, The Sims is a game where we as the players are in control—so how will they plot and direct an entire movie about it?!

Some simmers speculate (or hope!) they’ll target infamous Sims lore, like the disappearance of Bella Goth.

Knowing Margot Robbie is on as the producer however, I’m wondering if she’ll take the film in a similar direction as Barbie, with a comparison of the “real world” and the “Sims world”.

I could totally see a breaking-the-fourth-wall comedy, or maybe something like The Truman Show where a Sim becomes aware they’re living in a simulation.

Personally, after the success of Barbie, I’m SUPER excited to see what Robbie comes up with to represent another beloved franchise.

When Is The Sims Moving Coming Out?

There is NO word on this yet.

It seems that the movie is still in the very early stage of production. My guess is they’re working on the script right now.

I would imagine The Sims Movie is at least 2 years out!

And that begs the question—will The Sims movie be a marketing push for “Project Renee” AKA The Sims 5?!

What Do You Want To See In The Sims Movie?!

Personally, I want to see alllllll the funny, charming details us Simmers have been enjoying for years.

How funny would it be to see a “pool ladder deleted” scene?! 😆 Assuming their benevolent creator puts it back in time, of course. 😇

Or pleading with the Grim Reaper if they don’t. 👀

I definitely want to see a Sims get stuck routing around a chair, looking up at the camera and waving as they shout in Simlish. 😆 Flarba garba? 👋

Maybe even a scene on 3x speed while a Sim is grinding out a skill gain for an important “training montage” in the movie! Lol.

What would you like to see in The Sims movie?! Drop your ideas and speculations in the comments below!

In the meantime, I will keep an eye out on any further updates and keep you guys posted! Until next time! 👋

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