Hey there simmers! In today’s post, I’m rounding up my favorite sims 4 infant skin details and infant eyes cc that I’ve found! I’ll be honest– there isn’t a ton of content out there yet, but what modders have already made it so freaking good! I love spending way too much time in CAS picking and layering on the perfect skin details for my sims to make them feel truly unique and now, we can do the same with our infants!

When they first announced infants, I was nervous they wouldn’t feel different enough from toddlers. After playing with them though, I am obsessed! The milestone dynamic added in Growing Together adds so much depth and it’s adorable watching them progress and learn more skills. I noticed a lot of modders making cc skin details for infants have taken the time to add a little extra baby fat and softness to make sure they look realistic too, and not just like a sized-down toddler, so I think you’ll like the custom content I’ve picked to share!

Keep reading for my favorite Sims 4 Infant Skin Details and Eyes CC to make truly unique nooboos!

PuppyFace Infant Skin Overlay + Blush

Puppyface Sims 4 infant skin detail overlay

I’m linking this infant skin detail first because it might be my absolute favorite of all the Sims 4 infant skin details! It is the perfect sleepy, chubby baby face, and it comes with both a cc skin overlay for infants as well as a blush overlay. Because blush is always adorable. This is the CC skin overlay I’m using for infants in my own game right now, and oh my goodness, the baby fat!!! Love, love, love. The blush is available for all ages, as well.


Sleepy Blush Converted for Infants

Sleepy Blush sims 4 infant skin detail overlay

JellyPaws has updated their sleepy blush to be compatible with infants! This blush adds just a soft redness to the cheeks and eyes, and makes your sim looks a bit like a doll. It is available for all ages, but looks particularly cute on our brand new infants!


Mom’s Kisses Infant Skin Detail

Mom's Kisses sims 4 infant skin detail

This Sims 4 infant skin detail is the cutest little realism detail to add to your little ones! A red lipstick kiss, right smack dab on their cheek. Perfect for when Grandma and Grandpa come to visit with the new Stay Overs feature added with Growing Together. And I mean… it’s adorable. How can you pass this up?!


Infant Nose Bandaid

Nose bandaid sims 4 infant face paint

Technically, this nose band aid is filed under “Face Paint” in CAS, but I’m including it for Sims 4 Infant Skin Details because it’s such a precious addition to your little one’s face that really helps set them apart and make them unique! This is the perfect add-on for those wriggly infants who like getting into trouble.


Aoifae’s Delicate Eyes (default CC eyes for infants!)

Delicate Sims 4 infant eyes cc

Aoifae’s Delicate Eyes have been updated, so now our infants can have cc default eyes, too! If you’re anything like me, you’re tired of seeing the same old vanilla EA eyes, so default replacements are a must! The Delicate Eyes are a great all-ages option for Sims 4 infant eyes cc! Remember: this is a default replacement, so only have one file in your mods folder at one time! If you install a different default, delete this one first. 🙂


Aveira’s Felicity Eyes (default cc eyes for infants!)

Felicity Sims 4 infant eyes cc with heterochromia

Here is another great option for Sims 4 Infant Eyes CC! The Felicity Eyes default replacement has been updated for our newest lifestage, and now works for the whole family! There is a non-default option, if you just want additional swatches, and these cc eyes come with 18 swatches (and even includes heterochromia eyes!). Definitely a great add for your infant cc!


Twisted-Cat’s Updated Eyes, Brows and Skins for Infants

TwistedCats eyes, brows and skins for Sims 4 infants

Twisted-Cat on tumblr has updated all their eyes, brows and Sims 4 infant skin details to be compatible cc for the brand new life stage! This includes their Fawn Eyes, Comet Eyes, Fawn Skin, So Creamy Skin, Lemonade Skin, and 7 different sets of eyebrows. I would highly recommend checking each of these out and seeing which fit into your sim style– they’ve got so much to choose from and they’re all perfectly maxis-match. Perfect for creating a unique infant!


Infant Blush Highlighter

Blush Highlighter for Sims 4 infants

Blush and highlighter might be my favorite skin detail for sims 4 infants! It just adds so much cuteness to their little faces and makes them look like little dolls! This one by JellyPaws includes not only face blush but also ears, fingers, elbows and knees. It’s available for all ages, too, with multiple color swatches.


Messy Eater Facepaint

Messy eater face paint for Sims 4 infants

The Messy Eater is technically a face paint, but it’s still a great piece of CC to have in your arsenal to customize your infants! This is the perfect skin detail to go along with the new baby foods infants can try in the high chair. And also– the realism!!! I mean, when is a baby’s face not messy?! This CC item is under early access until the end of the month, but definitely come back to get it for free once it’s available!


Sweet Tart Skin + Lip Detail

Sweet Tart Sims 4 infant skin detail with lips overlay

JellyPaws has converted their Sweet Tart Skin Overlay and Lips for infants, and I think this set is absolutely precious! You can never have too many skin details, in my opinion, so this was an easy-add for me. 🙂 Such a unique look among Sims 4 infant skin details!


Cutesy Freckles

Cutesy Freckles sims 4 infant skin detail

Personally, I LOVE adding freckles to my Sims, especially the little ones! This Cutesy Freckles set is a great skin detail to add to your CC collection, and comes with 12 different swatches that work with a wide range of skin tones. It’s available for all ages, all genders, and is absolutely freaking adorable. Go get them!!!


Mayberries Birthmark Skin Detail for Infants

Mayberries birthmark for sims 4 infants

Y’all, JellyPaws is the real hero of the Infant CC world! They’ve been updating like crazy, and the Mayberries Birthmark is as cute as the rest of their uploads! This is another of the Sims 4 infant skin details that has been updated for infants, and is a great addition to add some unique birthmarks and realism to your nooboos.


Meteor CC Eyes for Infants

Meteor Sims 4 Eyes CC for Infants

Scythe’s Default Meteor Eyes have been updated to be compatible with Infants! CC eyes for all ages 🙌 Custom Content eyes is another one of those items I can NEVER have enough of in my mods folder. Remember: this is a default replacement, so only have one downloaded at a time!


Baby Face Overlay

Baby Face Overlay for Sims 4 infants

The Baby Face Overlay is another skin detail that adds sweet chubby cheeks for your nooboos! With mouth corners, nose shading, and face shine, this overlay is utterly adorable and a must-have piece of infant cc. Definitely one of my favorite Sims 4 infant skin details!


Lobster Eyes (CC Eyes Updated for Infants!)

Lobster sims 4 infant eyes cc

The Lobster Eyes by Nyssa have been updated for Infants! These eyes come in 18 swatches, including heterochromia swatched, and are available for all ages. Another great option for sims 4 infant eyes cc!


And that’s a wrap on my favorite Sims 4 infant skin details and cc eyes!

I hope you enjoyed and found some more files to add to your mods folder. I’ll be sure to keep this post updated as more CC is released, so make sure to check back! 🙂

In the meantime, you might be interested in checking out my posts on general Sims 4 Infant CC, Sims 4 Nursery CC, and Sims 4 Infant Clothing!


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