If you’ve been looking for brand new sims 4 kitchen cc, you have come to the right place.

I’ve rounded up my favorite kitchen cc sets (including modern kitchen cc, farmhouse kitchen cc, and luxury kitchen cc), pantry cc, and of course tons of sims 4 kitchen clutter cc! You can never have enough clutter cc, am I right?! Haha.

In my mods folder, sims 4 kitchen cc is always an essential. Kitchens are the heart of the home, and while we have gotten some decent sets included in the official Sims packs, I love the creativity, originality and variety available in fan-made sims 4 kitchen cc packs!

Best Sims 4 Kitchen CC Sets

I hope you enjoy the styles I pulled! I tried to pick a wide variety of styles of sims 4 kitchen cc, so everyone can find something they like. ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!

Pro tip: use the table of contents above to jump to what you’re looking for!

And don’t forget to scroll down for my favorite sims 4 kitchen mods!

Sims 4 Farmhouse CC Kitchen Set

Sims 4 farmhouse cc kitchen set by sixamcc

The Kesler Set by SixamCC is a gorgeous sims 4 kitchen cc pack! It is farmhouse decor inspired, but more so high-end than shabby chic (which I absolutely love).

This cc set comes with 2 variations of the island counter ccโ€“an open version and a closed version, so you can mix and match for a truly unique look. The cc kitchen sink in this pack is also stunning. It has that wrapped-copper look on the faucet. Full disclosure: I am not fancy enough IRL to know why or what that is, lol, but I know I love the aesthetic of it!

My favorite part of this sims 4 kitchen cc set though (and most cc sets, tbh) is the clutter cc it comes with! I can never have enough clutter in my game, and kitchens are the perfect place to add a bunch. There are plants, mugs, salt and pepper shakers, a utensil holder, and (my absolute FAVORITE detail) useable Parenthood dinnerware! Yes, you can set down the custom place setting and your sim will eat on it, then clean it up! This kitchen cc set definitely have my absolute favorite sims 4 kitchen decor!

All-in-all, I freakin’ love this sims 4 kitchen cc set. SixamCC crushes it every time, and this one is no exception.

Sims 4 Smeg Appliances

Colorful retro Sims 4 smeg appliances

If you’re a lover of all things retro like I am, then you’re probably dying to give your sims some Smeg appliances! Yet another thing that is wayyyy to expensive for me to afford IRLโ€“I will gladly motherlode my way to the Smeg kitchen of my sims’ dreams! Plus I always love retro inspired sims 4 kitchen cc.

This sims 4 kitchen cc by Caio includes brand new kitchen appliance cc all in retro styling. It’s not *officially* Smeg, but it has the exact same aesthetic, which is all I need! There is a new fridge cc, stove cc, microwave cc, coffee pot cc, toaster cc (decorative) as well as a decorative pot. The color swatches on this set are insane, and so, so fun.

LittleDica’s Eco Kitchen Sims 4 Set

I am a big, big fan of LittleDica CC! They make the most incredible cc appliances. The Sims 4 eco kitchen pack comes with so many amazing sims 4 kitchen appliances you’ll love to have in your game.

Being completely honest, I don’t really use the furniture assets from this pack. They’re still very nice and high quality, just not my usual preferred style! However, I always use the appliances! The Smart Fridge might be my favorite.

In addition to the smart fridge cc, you’ll also get: dishwasher cc, microwave cc, trash can cc, and coffee maker cc, among other things! I definitely recommend checking out the trailer LittleDica made that I shared above. It’s so fun and creative, and gives you a great look at the brand new appliances in the pack!

Peacemaker Sims 4 Outdoor Kitchen CC

Peacemaker's modern outdoor sims 4 kitchen cc

The Creta Set is my favorite sims 4 outdoor kitchen cc! It was created by Peacemaker, and even though it definitely leans more towards backyard use, I think it actually works well indoors too. It’s perfect for an industrial-vibes restaurant, too!

This cc grill that comes with this pack is stunning, and I love all the hanging plant decor, too. And of course, all the kitchen clutter cc too. ๐Ÿ™‚ A lot of these pieces are versatile to use in all kinds of kitchens, so definitely a must-download for me! Make sure you grab this sims 4 kitchen cc set and deck out all your backyards!

French Country Kitchen CC (Felixandre)

French country style sims 4 kitchen cc by felixandre

Felixandre’s Chateau Collection makes all my Parisian dreams come true! This gorgeous sims 4 kitchen cc set is a staple in my game. It definitely has country kitchen or farmhouse kitchen vibes, and I think it’s so elegant.

The cc sink and the detailing on the upper cabinets might be some of my favorite parts of this setโ€”as well as that oversized oven/stove!! This kitchen belongs in the kind of home that house a butler, lol. The color swatches in this cc pack as on point as well, with some really great blues, which feel so classically French.

You won’t want to miss this one y’all!

Simple Kitchen CC Kit (PieriSim)

Simple Scandinavian modern sims 4 kitchen cc by pierisim

This sims 4 kitchen cc set by Pierisim is a great, small set if you’re looking for something simple! There are 12 new kitchen items, including some cc kitchen appliances that are built-in the the counters! It’s a simple and sleek kitchen cc set, and I love the clean, minimalist lines on this one.

This is a great set to download if you’re looking to not overwhelm your computer with a ton of mods! It even comes with a few adorable items of kitchen clutter cc. ๐Ÿ™‚

Homey Sims 4 Kitchen CC (Felixandre)

Mediterranean inspired homey Sims 4 kitchen cc by felixandre

The Grove Kitchen CC Pack by Felixandre has one of my favorite sets of counters! This cc pack is loosely inspired by Meditteranean kitchens, which are a little more casual and mix-matched. I also get a bit of country home or farmhouse kitchen vibes from this set! It just feels so homey and cozey to me.

The dining table with the tablecloth cc really sold it for me, in addition to the beautiful traditional style counters. There are no upper cabinets with this set, but Felixandre did include some gorgeous shelves for open-shelving storage. Once again, the kitchen appliance cc is built into the cabinets, giving it a truly seamless look!

Sleek Sims 4 Kitchen CC (Peacemaker)

Peacemaker's sleek urban sims 4 kitchen cc set

The Urbane Kitchen by Peacemaker has the perfect sleek, modern aesthetic for a luxury city apartment, in my opinion! This sims 4 kitchen cc pack includes 13 new items and a really love look of wood and stone. This set just screams ‘NYC loft’ in my opinion!

Peacemaker is pretty much the king of kitchen cc, so of course, this set is flawless like the rest of them. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love how simple and clean the cabinet fronts are on this set, and I love the slat detailing and waterfall edge on the island counters. The cc shelves in this pack get used in alllll kinds of rooms in my sims houses, too! They’re great.

Shaker Kitchen CC Set (Peacemaker)

Contemporary shaker style kitchen cc set by Peacemaker

The Mina Kitchen Set by Peacemaker is one of my go-tos for my sim’s kitchens! I personally love the shaker style cabinets. They look elegant and nice without feeling so luxury they wouldn’t fit into a simple family home. You can make this set feel both classic and modern, depending on how you style it.

This sims 4 kitchen cc set is so versatile, and the best part is all the color options! You get everything from basic white, some wood tones, to crazy colors like bright yellow! This set could genuinely work in just about every single sims home. Peacemaker’s CC is always so, so good!

LittleDica Modern Kitchen Stuff Pack (With Functional Kitchen Appliance CC!)

LittleDica Modern Kitchen Stuff Pack (With Functional Kitchen Appliance CC!)

LittleDica is my favorite creator for kitchen appliance CC, and the Modern Kitchen Stuff Pack is a must-have for some awesome appliances! Being completely honest, I don’t use the actual counters and stuff from this pack all too muchโ€”they’re very well-done, I just have other favorites! BUT, I still highly, highly recommend downloading this pack for all the other little details!

The cc smart fridge and the cc sink in this pack are some of my favorites! And if you’re looking for functional appliance cc, this is the sims 4 kitchen cc set to get!

Sims 4 Luxury Kitchen CC (HeyHarrie Brownstone Collection)

NYC Brownstone luxury inspired sims 4 kitchen cc by heyharrie

If you’re looking for sims 4 kitchen cc to create a truly high-end kitchen, look no further than HeyHarrie’s Brownstoen Kitchen collection! This set was inspired by NYC Brownstone apartments, but all the little details make it feel truly luxury to me.

For starters, that insane island! The geometric shape looks straight out of a museum. The countertop surface are mostly stone and marble textures, which always feels very elegant. And HeyHarrrie made the fridge cc blend in perfectly with the cabinets, so you don’t have a stainless steel eyesore in your otherwise beautiful kitchen!

This set has 21 new items and includes a few cc appliances (dishwasher, stove, oven). The swatches on the counters in this set are absolutely gorgeous, and I know you guys will love this one!

Sims 4 Kitchen CC Set with Double Ovens

Heyharrie sims 4 kitchen cc set with double ovens

At least in America, having two ovens in your home is how you know you’ve made it, I feel. Haha. They just look so fancy! The Octave Set by HeyHarrie has the best double oven cc out there. This set also includes a functional built-in coffee maker!

In addition to the awesome (functional!) cc appliances, this sims 4 kitchen cc pack also includes absolutely stunning and modern counters, cabinets and island cc. The marble countertops look so realistic! All in all, there are 18 new items in this cc kitchen pack.

Retro Midcentury Modern Kitchen CC Set

Retro Midcentury Modern Kitchen CC Set by SixamCC and SpringSims

If you’re looking for some funkier sims 4 kitchen cc, this is the cc pack for you! This collab set between SixamCC and SpringSims is giving me all the 60s retro midcentury modern vibes and I am obsessed.

In addition to super unique counter tops and cabinets (in a ton of fun swatches) this set also comes with functional kitchen appliance cc! They’re all styled after Smeg appliances. Can you say LOVE?!

This set includes a functional built-in microwave cc! As well as functional tea maker kettle cc. I also love the kitchen clutter cc included in this set. My favorite pieces are the deco blender cc, the cake dome cc, and the decor plates cc! Oh, and the double-sink is another favorite!! You won’t want to miss this kitchen cc pack, y’all.

Family-Friendly Country Kitchen CC Set

Family-Friendly Country Kitchen CC Set by Peacemaker

This sims 4 kitchen cc set includes just counters, cabinets, and a nook to slip a fridge into. But this set is perfect if you’re looking for something with more of a cozy, homey feel. This country kitchen cc set features butcher block counters that really add to that homey appeal too!

I love a luxury kitchen, don’t get me wrong! But sometimes they just don’t fit the vibe of the family I’m playing. Especially if the family has a lot of kids! This kitchen cc pack feels a lot more family friendly, and realistic for suburban living!

Sims 4 Kitchen Backsplash CC

Modern Sims 4 Kitchen Backsplash CC

One of my pet peeves about building kitchens in the vanilla game is no backsplashes! They really add such a polished look. That’s why I’ve included this backsplash cc in my sims 4 kitchen cc round-up. These are an essential piece in my mods folder!

There are a total of 50 swatches, so you’ll be able to find something to match every kitchen you build!

Sims 4 Pantry CC by SixamCC

SixamCC Sims 4 kitchen pantry cc pack

SixamCC’s Small Spaces series is all about making build mode furniture cc for the ‘forgotten’ rooms that tend to get less love. It’s probably unsurprising that I’m obsessed with this series! This pantry cc set is perfect sims 4 kitchen cc to create a truly realistic and unique home for your sims!

There is so much incredible clutter cc in this set. My favorite pieces are probably the metal storage baskets, the KitchenAid Mixer cc (you can download a functional version here!) and the little bar cart cc!

This set also includes cabinets and shelves (and an adorable deco ladder) to build the pantry of your dreams!

Sims 4 Kitchen Clutter CC (AroundTheSims)

Sims 4 kitchen clutter cc for breakfast: cereal box, toaster, jars, bowls, deco food

If you’re looking for sims 4 kitchen clutter cc, I highly recommend this set by AroundTheSims (ATS)! This set is specifically breakfast themed, but I find it works great for general sims 4 kitchen cc, too.

There is all kinds of little deco cc items: deco food cc, deco bottles and bowls, deco cereal boxes, deco appliances. This is a great cc set to add those little details to your kitchen! (Or your pantry ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Modern Kitchen for The Sims 4

Simple Modern Kitchen for The Sims 4 by Delicracy and LittleDica, Delicious Kitchen fan made stuff pack

If you only download one piece of sims 4 kitchen cc today, let it be the Delicious Kitchen CC Stuff Pack by LittleDica and Deligracy!!

This set has 48 brand new items in total! There are 3 wall coverings, 2 floors, 3 windows, and of course everything you need to create a gorgeous kitchen. The kitchen counters, kitchen islands and kitchen cupboards are all designed in a simple, minimalist style which makes this set feel super modern.

But my favorite part of this sims 4 kitchen cc pack is all the little details! The sink is slottable, so you can stick a pot in the side that the sims don’t use to wash dishes. The double-wide gigantic fridge (which is already SO COOL on its own) comes with magnets you can slot postcards and children’s artwork into. The top of the fridge is also slottable for even more clutter. The stove range cc is also slottable, to put dishes on. There’s even a beautiful functional tea maker cc!

There is also plenty of sims 4 kitchen clutter cc including jars with lids, stackable plates, a toaster, a dish drying rack, hand soap, cutting boards and so much more! The Delicious Kitchen Stuff Pack even includes sims 4 kitchen backsplash cc! The mirrored swatches are seriously incredible.

Psssst: if you’re looking for even more incredible fan made stuff packs, check out my round-up of sims 4 cc packs!

Soft & Modern Sims 4 Kitchen CC Pack

Soft & Modern Sims 4 Kitchen CC Pack Sol kitchen by Myshunosun

The Sol Kitchen by MyshunoSun is so soft and modern and preciousโ€”I love it!! The color swatches are to-die-for, and I love the wood tones in this sims 4 kitchen cc set. It’s so stylish and trendy!

This set comes with module counter cc, cabinets, kitchen island pieces, a wall shelf and a cc barstool that matches the rest of this set.

This set isn’t huge, but it really has such a unique, simple look (I LOVE the drawer pulls on this one) which makes it a must-have for me! Plus, I always love MyshunoSun’s furniture cc aesthetic.

Super Adorable Functional Appliance CC (And Kitchen decor CC)

Super Adorable Functional Appliance CC (And Kitchen decor CC) by Aira-cc

Aira-cc is QUICKLY becoming one of my new favorite buy mode cc creators. The Vanilla Kitchen Set is so. freaking. adorable!

Aira’s aesthetic is super cutesy and soft and cozy. I love the use of pastel colors in the swatches, and everything always just looks so… smooth! I don’t know how else to explain it, lol. But okay, enough gushing about Aira’s CC aesthetic. Let’s talk about this kitchen decor cc pack!

In this sims 4 kitchen cc pack you will find: adorable functional coffee maker cc, functional toaster cc (also ADORABLE), a functional cc hot pot (requires Snowy Escape), and a functional cc pet food bowl (requires Cats and Dogs).

In addition to all of that, you get tons of kitchen clutter cc (a dish rack, a pot, a cutting board, etc.) as well as a cc picnic table and dining table and chair cc. I could seriously gush about this set all day. But it’d be easier if you just download it and see for yourself! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Funky And Bold Sims 4 Kitchen CC

Funky And Bold Sims 4 Kitchen CC

I honestly don’t even know where to begin with this sims 4 kitchen cc pack, lol. It’s just… SO FUNY. Seriously. One of the most unique cc packs I think I have ever seen!

This kitchen cc pack is completely maxis match, and also completely off the wall! It has so many bright colors, interesting textures, wild patterns, and everything just looks so different than all the other kitchen cc sets I love!

I don’t get a ton of use out of the counter/cabinets (except if I’m feeling a really funky restaurant) but I really love the barstools! The patterns on the fabric seats are so nice and abstract and look very modern. This pack is also amazing for all the kitchen clutter cc (is anyone surprised I said that? lol). I love the giant modern fruit bowl, the little egg carton deco, and the pop with the lid!

The double-wide cc fridge is nice too! ๐Ÿ˜‰ AND it has a glass window… Again… SO WEIRD? But I’m kind of obsessed.

Definitely grab this kitchen cc pack if you’re looking for more cc kitchen decor! Or just looking to go bold. ๐Ÿ™‚

Classy Terrazzo Kitchen CC Set (MyshunoSun)

MyshunoSun makes some of the prettiest sims 4 furniture cc! The Macaron Kitchen cc set is no different. This is a smaller sims 4 kitchen cc set, with just counters, cabinets, islands and a matching stool but it is so gorgeous, I know you won’t want to miss it.

My favorite, favorite, favorite part of this set is the terrazzo countertops! I think it’s just so gorgeous and such an elegant yet fun look. And those gold handles?! GAH. Stunning. Check out MyshunoSun’s trailer video for this set above and peep all the incredible color swatch options!

Classic Sims 4 Kitchen CC Set by Max

Classic Sims 4 Kitchen CC Set by Max

This sims 4 kitchen cc set is exactly what it sounds likeโ€”a beautiful, simple kitchen, perfect for any sim! It’s hard to go wrong with the cc set in my opinion.

Some of the details I love about this cc kitchen: the cabinets on the end-piece of the island, the brand new cc range hood (looks so sleek!), the butter dish decor cc (I just love clutter cc!!!), and the farmhouse sink cc with the towel hanging over the edge! Such a cute detail.

Definitely don’t miss this cc kitchen. It’s a classic, and you’ll use it time and time again!

The Kichen CC Pack (House of Harlix)

The Kichen CC Pack (House of Harlix)

The Kichen cc pack by Feliandre and HeyHarrie (aka House of Harlix) is an absolute stunner. One of my favorite modern style sims 4 kitchen cc packs, for sure. They made this set with the intention that it could work in just about any sims home, and I think they mostly accomplished that!

This cc kitchen set definitely leans more modern, but I’m still obsessed with it! It features built-in appliances for a sleek look, and includes a matching dining table cc set with a table and chairs, so you can get the complete look. All in all, you get 56 brand new items!

I find myself coming back to this kitchen pack again and again, so I highly recommend you download this one!

Best Sims 4 Kitchen Mods

I’ve included a few of my favorite sims 4 kitchen mods to round out this post! Think things like: custom food, custom interactions, and functional objects (separate from cc packs). If you’re looking for more mods, check out my sims 4 mods category tag!

Serve Drinks on Table Kitchen Mod

Serve Drinks on Table Kitchen Mod

This is a small sims 4 mod, but one of my favorites! It allows you to serve drinks on any table, so now your sims can have a glass of water, or wine, or whatever you choose, even when they’re not at a restaurant. You can choose from just about every single in-game drink. Note: serving drinks does cost simoleans! Unless it’s water, of course.

This mod was actually included in my best sims 4 mods of 2023 round-up! That’s how much I love this one.

Sponge Override Sims 4 Kitchen Mod (Ellcrze)

Realistic Sponge Override Sims 4 Kitchen Mod (Ellcrze)

This sims 4 kitchen mod is a sponge override! All it does it replace the in-game sponge with a better quality, more realistically textured sponge. You can choose between pink and yellow.

This is such a tiny piece of sims 4 kitchen cc, BUT I love having it in my game. Those small details make the biggest impact on your game’s aesthetics!

Functional Beer from ATS4

Functional Beer from ATS4 menu options

This small sims 4 kitchen mod makes the deco beers cc ATS4 created buyable and drinkable! Your sim can grab them from the fridge or even order them at a restaurant.

One of my biggest pet peeves in the Sims 4 is that my sims had to own an entire home bar just to grab a drink! So I love it when mods make it easier for my sim to grab a single serving.

Pressure Cooker Kitchen Mod (Functional Kitchen Appliance CC)

Pressure Cooker Kitchen Mod (Functional Kitchen Appliance CC)

The Pressure Cooker Sims 4 kitchen mod is so, so cute! It comes with 14 brand new custom recipes for your sims to cook, and they only need a level 1 cooking skill to do them all!

Pressure cookers are one of those IRL things that are so common, and I love having one in my game! I also love that this sims 4 kitchen cc includes so many cool custom recipes. I love giving my sims new foods to try!

Functional Waffle Maker Sims 4 Kitchen Mod

Functional Waffle Maker Sims 4 Kitchen Mod, functional kitchen appliances cc

This is another small sims 4 kitchen mod! If you’re a breakfast lover, you won’t want to miss this one.

This is a fully functional kitchen appliance ccโ€”a waffle maker! It looks exactly like the kind you buy at the store and comes with 10 brand new waffle recipes. 5 savory and 5 sweet!

I absolutely love food mods, and this one is just so cute and realistic, I just had to share!

Grannie’s Cookbook Sims 4 Kitchen Mod

Grannie's Cookbook Sims 4 Kitchen Mod

If you don’t have the Grannie’s Cookbook Sims 4 kitchen mod, you NEED to download this today! This is one of my absolute must-have mods in the sims 4.

You get a super adorable cookbook decor item, which your sim can look on to unlock TONS of super unique and interesting brand new sims 4 custom foods! Littlebowbub is constantly releasing new recipes, too, so there is always something new to try.

Note: you have to download the recipes separately, so don’t miss that step!

This is one of my top favorite sims 4 mods, so I hope y’all really enjoy this one too!

Ravasheen Buyable Cake Kitchen Mod

Ravasheen Buyable Cake Kitchen Mod

Are you sick of playing keep-away when your sim makes a birthday cake? The worst thing in the world is when some random steals a slice before the birthday sim can blow out the candles!

Well, Ravasheen to the rescue! This sims 4 kitchen mod is so simple and yet so genius. It’s a pink bakery box, that is functional kitchen cc when you click on itโ€”it prompts you to buy a cake right then and there! It will appear in your sims inventory immediately and makes birthday parties a… well… a piece of cake. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ravasheen Cupcake Maker Sims 4 Kitchen Mod

If you have Get To Work, chances are you’re totally sick of the HUGE cupcake making machine we got with the game. I know. I am! Ravasheen created a kitchen cc replacement and it is a lifesaving mod!

You can choose between a piping bag or a bag of sprinkles. All you do is click on it and you can cook and bake everything you previously needed that giant monstrosity for. Finally, making cupcakes at home isn’t a pain in the butt.

Ravasheen even included custom cupcake trays for the oven animations! RVSN always goes above and beyond. This is such an amazing sims 4 kitchen mod that you have to download if your sims love to bake!

Pssst: if your sims truly love to bake, you should check out the custom baker trait I included in my sims 4 cc traits round-up!

And that’s a wrap on my favorite sims 4 kitchen cc and sims 4 kitchen mods!

I hope this round-up makes it a ‘piece of cake’ to fill up your mods folder. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Easy-‘peas’y, if you will.

Okay, enough puns lol.

The items in today’s post are truly the best of the best when it comes to sims 4 kitchen cc (and sims 4 kitchen mods!), and I’ll be sure to keep it updated as I keep falling in love with more sims 4 kitchen cc sets. Having a truly custom kitchen takes your sims 4 builds to the next level, so I’ve always got my eye out for more!

If you’re looking to download even more sims 4 furniture cc for the whole home (and some CAS stuff too) you might enjoy by sims 4 cc packs round-up!

Did I miss any of your favorite sims 4 kitchen cc sets? Drop them below in the comments! I’d love to see what they are. ๐Ÿ™‚

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