I know you’re going to love today’s post, because I am rounding up the best-of-the-best FREE sims 4 cc packs!

I love downloading sims 4 cc packs because it’s such an easy way to get a lot of cc and fill up your mods folder fast! I also love how usually the pieces in the set are mix-and-match, making them extra versatile!

I remember a few years ago when cc creators first started making sims 4 cc packs, and creating super detailed renders for them. I seriously thought it was an EA official pack! Lol. But no, these are all completely fan made by the incredible sims community and absolutely FREE to download. It’s amazing.

The quality in these packs are perfection, and I tried to round up sims 4 cc packs for the whole family to wear, or to furnish the whole house! I hope you enjoy this post!

Best Sims 4 CC Clothes Packs And Best Sims 4 CC Hair Packs

Keep scrolling for my favorite sims 4 cc packs, or use the Table of Contents above to jump to what you’re looking for!

Gossip Collection Greenllamas Preppy Sims 4 CC Clothes Pack

Sims 4 cc pack, collection of preppy sims 4 cc hair, sims 4 cc clothes and sims 4 cc accessories

The Gossip Collection by Greenllamas is a gorgeous, preppy style sims 4 cc pack. It has so many versatile pieces that I find myself using all the time! It has 16 pieces, including: 2 options of female hair cc, 8 pieces of clothing cc, shoes cc, and even jewelry cc.

For the hairs, you get two female framed hair. One is wavy with a center part and the other is an over-the-shoulder braid hair cc. And the clothes all give me such boarding school/Gossip Girl vibes, and I’m basically obsessed.

Casual Sims 4 Male Clothes Pack

First Fits Kits conversion to adults, casual Sims 4 male clothes pack cc

This male cc pack is actually a conversion of the clothing from the First Fits Kits! I think these styles work perfectly for adult male sims as well, and we all know how in-need we are of sims 4 male cc! Lol.

There are 14 items in total, including: sims 4 beanie cc, 7 cc tops, 3 cc bottoms, 1 accessory, and 2 pairs of shoe cc. These styles are perfect for laid-back sims, or even sporty sims.

These styles are effortlessly cool and casual, and the best part is—it’s base game compatible! You do not need to First Fits Kit for these to work in your game. This is one of the most ingenious sims 4 cc packs I’ve seen yet! 🙌🏻

Calm Fit Male Sims 4 CC Pack

Casual and sporty sims 4 male clothes cc pack

This is one of my favorite male sims 4 cc packs! The Calm Fit collection is exactly what it sounds like—calm, casual clothes for everyday wear.

In this sims 4 male cc pack, you will find 7 total items: 1 hat cc, 1 accessory cc, 1 male hair cc, 1 male top cc with two versions, and 2 male bottoms cc. All are base game compatible!

While this is primarily a cc pack for male sims, a few of the items might work on feminine framed sims as well! 🙂

Growing Together Add-Ons CC Pack

Add-ons for Sims 4 Growing Together CC Pack

Have you ever downloaded a new sims 4 expansion pack, and wished there was just a feeeew more clothing options? AdrienPastel to the rescue! The sims 4 cc pack is entirely made of Growing Together add-ons.

They’re even base game compatible! So even if you don’t have the official pack, you can still enjoy some of these styles. All in all, there are 28 new styles for your sims to enjoy. There’s even a pretty equal split between female cc and male cc!

I personally really loved the casual, hanging-around-the-house vibes of the Growing Together CAS and love that this pack gives me even more options! Isn’t sims 4 cc amazing? 🙂 And I absolutely love it when sims 4 cc packs expand on things we already have in game! It’s like an extra little gift on top.

Psssst: there’s a part 2 to this set right over here, as well!

Hair CC Pack by Aretha (Arethabee)

Sims 4 pigtail hair cc pack by arethabee

There is a specific reason that this is one of my favorite hair sims 4 cc packs: it looks like the same exact hair in two different styles! I love the realism that adds to your sims various looks. I really am a sucker for the small details, lol.

This cc hair pack is by arethabee, so you KNOW it’ll be a good one! It feature two pigtail cc hairstyles, version that is a pigtail bun cc. Both styles have a ombre cc version, which is SO fun. I love giving my sims some funkier hair colors, it never gets older.

Note: if you’re looking for more cute ‘dos, check out my sims 4 cc hair round-up! Tonssss of great arethabee styles over there.

Female Clothes CC Pack (Dark Academia CC)

Dark Academia aesthetic sims 4 female clothes cc pack

The Secret Society CC pack by aretha (arethabee) is one of my favorite female clothes sims 4 cc packs! It’s giving dark academia vibes, and I’m here for it.

This cc pack includes 4 hair cc styles with a headband accessory cc and bow accessory cc accordingly. It comes with a cc choker (which I am in LOVE with), 1 dress cc, 2 cc tops, 1 cc jacket, 2 cc skirts and 3 cc pants for female frame sims.

I just love how versatile this pack is! The hairs are adorable (I use the ponytail cc with the bow alllll the time). And the clothes can be styled up or down. One of my must have sims 4 cc packs for female clothes cc!

Sentate Female Clothes CC Pack

Sentate sims 4 female clothes cc pack

Sentate is one of my absolute favorite cc clothes creators, by far! Lately, I have been obsessed with March 2023 cc clothes pack.

This cc pack comes with 2 long dresses, 1 short dress, denim shorts cc, knee high boots cc, and an amaaaazing cc leather jacket! I LOVE that jacket with my entire heart, y’all. The texture? *chef’s kiss*

Sentate’s female clothes cc tends to feel a little higher-end or luxury, and this set is no different, but I do fee like these styles lean a little more casual and are great for everyday wear, too! Definitely one of my favorite sims 4 cc packs, which is why I’m including it here!

Sentate Boudoir Lingerie Sims 4 CC Pack

Sentate Boudoir SIms 4 Pack: lingerie cc and pajama cc for male and female sims

If you’re looking for some 🔥 new sims 4 lingerie cc, look no further than the Boudoir cc pack by Sentate! I absolutely love this cc pack, and it’s a great addition if you have the Simtimates CAS Kit! This is one of my most-used sims 4 cc packs (I can’t get enough of that super basic classic bra and underwear set, if I’m being completely honest! 😂)

There is a good blend of 🌶 outfits 👀 as well as some that make great PJs! Aaaand this cc pack even comes with male cc, so it’s a definite winner in my book. Sentate can do no wrong, as far as I’m concerned!

Psssst: if you love the Boudoir CC pack as much as I do, check out Sentate’s Midnights Collection! And if you want even more firey fits in your game, I also freakin’ LOVE Sentate’s Scandal Collection too.

Sims 4 Swimsuit Pack CC

Sims 4 maxis match swimsuit cc pack

The Sulani Swimwear collection by RenoraSims is one of my favorite sims 4 cc packs for pool wear! It’s beautifully maxis match cc and fits in perfectly with the Island Living items.

This cc pack includes: 4 new swimsuits, and 3 Island Living Recolors to give you even more options!

I really loved the swimsuits we got with Island Living, but love how this cc pack expands on those styles and gives us some high-waist options! The strapless top with the high-waist bottom is one of my favorite swimsuit cc pieces, for sure!

Sims 4 Designer Clothes Pack CC

Sentate June 2022 Sims 4 cc Packs of designer clothes

If you love the look of haute couture or designer fashions, then you NEED to check out Sentate! I absolutely love this sims 4 designer clothes pack—it just screams fancy.

This clothes cc pack includes 6 new items that will cover your glam gals from the board room to the dance floor. 🕺 I think my favorite piece of all is the dress cc with the cut out stomach! It is SO chic and 🌶 at the same time! Sentate makes some of the most incredible sims 4 cc packs for clothes cc!

Love Myself Sleepwear CC Pack

Sims 4 sleepwear cc pack by Caio x Serenity

Maybe it’s because I myself am a total homebody, but I can’t get enough of this cozy sleepwear cc pack! This cc pack is by Caio and Serenity, and it’s a must-have in my game.

Almost alllll of my female sims wear that silk nightgown and cc robe combo, lol. It’s just too perfect! The textures, the color swatches—I am obsessed with this set! It’s perfect for a girls night in doing face masks and painting each other’s nails.

The eyemask CC is also so freakin’ adorable. Honestly, I don’t use it that much in my personal gameplay since I think it looks a little silly seeing a sim walking around with it on, haha. But it is GREAT for photo ops!

Sims 4 Halloween Costumes CC Pack

Sims 4 halloween costume cc pack

It’s a little spooky how much I love this sims 4 cc pack 👻 Puns aside, uhm… this pack absolutely SLAPS? It is the perfect blend between being versatile while also feeling very Halloween-y.

The bell-sleeve dress cc is definitely an item my sims wear, no matter the holiday. And I am obsessed with the floor-length coat. 🥵 This cc pack is just amazing. And if you’re dying for more cc costumes for your sims to wear to Spooky Day, you need this pack! Definitely one of my favorite sims 4 cc packs!

Sims 4 Child CC Pack

SIms 4 child cc pack including swimsuit cc dress cc hat cc and jeans cc

This might be the most adorable of all the sims 4 cc packs! It has the cutest child cc I think I’ve ever seen. I love how colorful and unique each piece is!

This cc set includes 6 new items. You’ll get a freakin’ adorable froggy hat cc, 2 child swimsuit cc pieces, a child dress cc, and a crop top with the funkiest cc jeans.

Usually child sims don’t get nearly as much love as young adult/teen sims, so this cc pack made me really happy. And it also happened to be literally so precious. A must-download, in my opinion!

Sims 4 Piercings Pack By WeepingSimmer

Sims 4 nose piercing cc by weeping simmer

WeepingSimmer makes the best maxis match piercing cc for the sims 4, in my opinion! There are a ton of options if you play with alpha cc (or maxis mix aesthetic), but as someone who prefers to stay strictly maxis match it has been challenging to find ones that I love.

But look no further! This piercing cc pack is everything you need! WhisperingSimmer has made: nosechain cc, dolphin bites, nose piercings, snake bites, spider bites, a bridge piercing, a medusa piercing, dimple piercing, angel bites, and a Monroe piercing.

While technically they’re not all included in one set, WhisperingSimmer has included them all on one page, which makes it super easy to download them all (or pick and choose if you just want a few)! On the left hand column, just select “PIERCINGS” under where it says “ACCESSORIES” and get to downloading!

Infant CC Pack For Newborns

Sims 4 infant cc pack for newborns

This mini cc pack is all for infants! This pack is perfect for that fresh-from-the-hospital nooboo in your household.

This sims 4 cc pack includes: 3 infant hair cc, a hat recolor, a diaper recolor, a swaddle recolor, a hospital bracelet and anklet, a hospital bassinet, and the most precious birth announcement sign cc!

Note: there are two additional meshes you need to download for the full set to work, so be sure to read the post details carefully to catch them!

Being totally honest, this isn’t the most gameplay-practical of all the sims 4 cc packs, BUT I still love it! It’s perfect for having a little photoshoot with your brand new baby to frame and put on the walls of your sims family home!

If you’re looking for more infant cc, I’ve got some posts you might want to check out! I’ve rounded up infant hair cc, infant clothes cc, infant poses cc, and infant skin details!

Toddler Clothes CC Pack

Sims 4 toddler cc stuff pack for formal clothes

This toddler clothes cc pack is a MUST-HAVE for me! Good toddler cc is so hard to come by, compared to the other age groups, and I love how versatile this set it. The creator made it specifically with formal wear in mind, but I think these pieces lean just-casual enough that they work for everyday clothes as well.

If you’re dying for more toddler cc, I have a toddler hair cc round-up you might wanna check out!

I’m trying to round up sims 4 cc packs for the whole family (and the whole house!) so there was no way I could leave the tots out of this one. Plus, aren’t these outfits so cute?! I love the untucked shirt, and the peter pan collar sweater cc! I hope y’all enjoy this one!

First Fits Kit Converted for Toddlers

First Fits Kit converted for toddlers clothing sims 4 cc packs

I think we can all agree the First Fits Kit was 🔥 ! I already shared a conversion of a few items for adult males, but this sims 4 cc pack is a conversion for toddlers!

I am OBSESSED with this toddler cc pack! Like, genuinely, some of the cutest toddler clothing cc I have in my game.

Before we got infants, I liked dressing my toddlers a little younger, to make up for the fact that we didn’t have true babies in the game. But now, I like making my toddlers look like actual preschool-age kids, and this cc pack is perfect for that! I can’t even pick a favorite piece from this set because I love it all so much.

Female Shoes CC Pack

Female Shoes SIms 4 cc pack

Jius-sims cc shoes are some of my favorites, and right now, I am loving the Vacation Collection! I think it gives a great variety of casual and fancy. Plus, I will never be able to resist those classic checkered vans cc! lol. And the daisy sandals!

This set includes 5 brand new cc shoes! You’ll get: platform sandals cc, espadrilles cc, checkered Vans cc, platform slippers cc, and suede sandals cc.

I’ll be honest, sometimes I forget shoe cc even exists, lol. Shoes are where I pay the least attention in CAS, but they really do bring your look to the next level. And I love the unique attention to detail Jius-sims always has in their shoe cc! Plus, they’re always the cutest, trendiest styles.

You’ll definitely want to add this to your sims 4 cc packs collection! And if you’re looking for some more formal shoe options, I also love their Coco Collection!

Jewelry CC pack by Joliebean

Sims 4 jewelry cc pack including pearls and diamonds bracelet, necklaces and earrings

Confession: I also forget about jewelry cc in my game, often! 😬 But just like shoes, they’re such an amazing final detail to polish off a complete look. I love how this cc by Joliebean makes it easy to coordinate your jewelry pieces, since they all look great together.

I’m not crazy about the super chunky gold earrings, but I love the simple hoops and the pearl and chain layered necklace. So elegant and trendy at the same time. Joliebean’s sims 4 cc packs are always next-level quality, and maxis match to boot. So it’s hard to say no to their creations!

I actually included a GORGEOUS cc pack by Joliebean over on my wedding dress cc round-up, if you’re interested!

When you download this cc pack you’ll get: 2 bracelet cc with pearls and gold, 2 necklace cc options with pearls and one with a chain, and 3 earrings cc including big hoops, small multi hoops, and an abstract gold style.

Wedding Dress CC Pack

Sims 4 wedding cc pack including long dress, midi dress and jumpsuit cc as well as hair cc and veil cc

The wedding dress cc pack is such a versatile one to have in your game! Truthfully, if you only downloaded one wedding cc pack, this would be a great one to choose.

Icecreamforbreakfast (the creator) included: 1 long wedding dress cc, 1 midi length wedding dress cc, 1 wedding jumpsuit cc, an elegant hair bun cc, and a BEAUTIFUL veil cc!

If you’re looking for even more dresses, check out my wedding dress cc round-up!

What I love about this pack is the bride could wear all of these outfits, or you could use them for the mother of the bride or even wedding guests! See what I mean by versatile?! There are lots of fun swatches on these items too, and it’s very spring inspired, which I love.

Maxis Match Chest Tattoos CC Pack

maxis match sims 4 tattoo cc pack for colorful chest tattoos

I’ve found that finding GOOD maxis match tattoo cc is so, so hard. When I found this set of chest tattoo cc, I was over the moon! The colors, the lines, just the aesthetic fits SO good with the in-game tattoos! These are so well done.

Myshunosun definitely makes some of my favorite sims 4 cc packs when it comes to tattoos! This collection has six variations of chest tattoos, but they also have a set of arm tattoo cc inspired by stick-and-pokes here!

Best Sims 4 CC Furniture Packs (And Fanmade Sims 4 cc Stuff Packs)

Sims 4 Ikea CC Stuff Pack

Minimalist Kitchen CC Pack, Simkea Ikea Sims 4 CC Stuff Pack by Illogicalsims

If you love minimalist furniture cc, then you will love this Ikea Sims 4 pack! Simkea Furnishings is one of the Sims 4 cc packs by IllogicalSims and it perfectly models the simple Scandinavian design we all love about Ikea so much!

There are over 45 new objects in this sims 4 furniture pack, including kitchen cc, bedroom cc, bathroom cc, living room cc, and more! It’s all base game compatible, so everyone can enjoy this one (just like we all enjoy Ikea irl, lol).

This Ikea cc pack is definitely one of my favorites for basic pieces.

Cool Pools Sims 4 CC Pack

I am OBSESSED with this cc pack! I’m sure by now we are all sick of basic square pools (I know I am!). Thanks to this sims 4 pool cc pack you never have to have a boring pool again! You can finally build that gorgeous, super luxury pool to fit your sims mansions.

Mr. Olkan’s Cool Pools CC Kit comes with 5 original pool models with 27 different swatches (3 have CUSTOM water animations, that honestly look incredible). There are 5 new water styles and 2 new decorative items.

The best part? When you download the file, he has included tray files for pre-made pools that will show up in “Rooms” so you can plop them right down without doing any work!

This is one of my new favorite sims 4 cc packs, and I don’t know if I could ever build a pool without it again, LOL. Make sure to watch Mr. Olkan’s video I added above! He walks you through exactly how to use these new assets. Oh, and make sure you download this one! 😉

The Bafroom Stuff Pack

Luxury bathroom furniture sims 4 cc packs by House of Harlix (Felixandre and HeyHarrie)

The Bafroom Stuff Pack is one of THE most amazing Sims 4 cc packs for the bathroom! I know, I know, it’s so easy to forget to make your sims bathrooms cute, lol. But this custom content pack makes it easy!

This sims 4 bathroom stuff pack is by House of Harlix—aka Felixandre and HeyHarrie, some of the best cc creators in the community. It includes 94 pieces to create your dream modern luxury bathrooms.

It not only comes with everything you would need to create a beautiful bathroom (bathtub cc, shower cc, wall shower cc, toilet cc, Barcelona chair cc) it also comes with some build mode cc too, to really finish off the look. This is one of the sims 4 cc packs you absolutely NEED!

I’m obsessed with the marble textures in this pack, and the luxe clutter details. I may not be able to afford a Diptyque candle in my bathroom, lol, but you can bet your butt my sims will have one, thanks to this cc pack!

Pro tip: if you know you want to download all the items, go for the MERGED file. Your game will run smoother, and it’s an easier installation process!

H&B Sims 4 Maxis Match CC Packs (LittleDica)

LittleDica is another iconic Sims 4 furniture cc creator. The H&B Pack is one of the best Sims 4 cc stuff packs out there, honestly. The quality of every single item is unmatched.

This sims 4 H&B cc bundle brings you a brand new retail store. But even better, it comes with a ton of new, luxury electronics, including new tablets, a new giant TV, and even a curved TV! You could totally download this cc pack just for those new items and it’d be 100% worth it. This is definitely one of the most useful sims 4 cc packs when it comes to buy mode cc!

But what I really love is all the retail assets this pack comes with! It includes signs, product displays, architectural elements, and even the entire alphabet (in simlish! Yay! So maxis match, I love it) to make custom store names. It makes building retail lots so much more fun. And if you’re not a builder, LittleDica has a H&B Lot you can plop right in your game and start playing with!

Be sure to check out LittleDica’s trailer I added above to get the full experience of H&B! 🙂

Modern Sims 4 Kitchen CC Pack by CharlyPancakes

Modern Sims 4 Kitchen CC Pack by CharlyPancakes

CharlyPancakes cc is some of my favorite! And the Munch kitchen cc pack is no exception. This is a must-have sims 4 cc pack if you love modern aesthetic kitchens.

This kitchen pack for sims 4 includes 11 new items! You’ll find: kitchen counter cc, kitchen island cc, cabinet cc, a sleek new shelf, sink cc, a BEAUTIFUL cc fridge and built-in stove, as well as a few build mode cc items to truly polish off the look.

Of all the sims 4 cc packs, this might be one of my favorite kitchens. I keep coming back to it! It’s simple, but beautiful.

I think my favorite part of this pack is the waterfall islands, or maybe that gorgeous sink that mounts on the wall! SO unique, and so, so fancy! lol. My sims are livin’ large, y’all.

Pssst: if you’re looking for more kitchen sets, check out my sims 4 kitchen cc roundup!

Cozy Family Living Room CC Stuff Pack

Cozy family living room cc stuff pack by oshinsims and sixamcc for sims 4 growing together

The Cozy Family Living Room CC Stuff pack just released and it is a collaboration between two amazing simmers in the Sims 4 community: OshinSims and SixamCC! I absolutely love watching Oshin on youtube, and Sixam is one of my favorite build mode cc creators. I was so excited for this set!

By and large, this might be THE best fan made sims 4 cc stuff pack I’ve seen yet. Blows so many sims 4 cc packs out of the water!! It’s exactly my aesthetic, fits perfectly as an add on for Growing Together, and just looks so realistic!

That sectional couch cc is one of my favorites–it looks so dang comfy! I also love that this pack comes with some pets cc, including a super cute dog bowl (with a side for water!!!) and even dog bed cc! It’s a giant fluffy pillow, and looks way comfier than the flat blanket beds included in Cats and Dogs.

This cc pack is perfect for family gameplay or people who like more realistic, laid back interiors, as opposed to glitz and glam everywhere. You’ll even find functional toy cc for toddlers and infants in this one! This FREE cc stuff pack is truly such a gem.

Classic Kitchen CC Pack

Sims 4 high end traditional kitchen cc pack

This cc kitchen is literally my DREAM kitchen, y’all. Tuds cc always blows me away but this cc pack is next level.

This kitchen cc pack is a more traditional style while still feeling extremely high-end and luxury. I mean, that pot filler?! YES PLEASE. Haha. I know it’s just decorative, but I love putting pot fillers above the stove in my sims’ homes. I also love the cc stove range and how large it is–it feels super extravagant, which I’m here for.

This is one of the most impressive sims 4 cc packs when it comes to kitches: there are 64 new meshes between all the different counter pieces and the other add-ons. How incredible! Not to mention stunning.

BAYSIC Sims 4 Bathroom Stuff Pack

Traditional Style BAYSIC Sims 4 Bathroom Stuff Pack

I love giving my sims fancy stuff as much as the next simmer. BUT sometimes… you just want a sim living a normal life! Haha. The BAYSIC cc pack collection by House of Harlix (aka the amazing Felixandre and HeyHarrie) is perfection for creating a realistic, average bathroom.

This sims 4 cc packs kinda gives me Ikea vibes, honestly, and I’m so here for it.

This maxis match cc stuff pack includes 28 new items for your sims 4 bathroom cc needs! It also has a gorgeous tile floor that matches the wall tile which is absolutely *chef’s kiss*. The clutter cc in this pack might be my favorite part. I wayyyy overuse those deco towels! lol. I love it when sims 4 cc packs include little details like that!

Sims 4 Nursery CC Pack

Lullaby Sims 4 infant nursery cc pack by myshunosun with functional crib cc, rocking chair cc, and changing table cc

I love how modern and minimalist this sims 4 nursery cc is! The crib cc is fully functional with the new 2023 infant update, so you’re good to go! I love that now we get sims 4 cc packs for the nooboos too. 🙂

Th Lullaby Nursery set includes crib cc, changing table cc, rocking chair cc, and end table, a toy box, and a wall decal. I am obsessed with shape of the rocking chair, and the detail on the drawer pulls for the end table and changing table! Myshunosun cc never ceases to amaze me.

Note: if you’re looking for even more nursery cc (including another beautiful set by Myshunosun!) check out my sims 4 nursery cc round-up!

Maxis Match Wedding CC Pack (CharlyPancakes and Pierisim)

Maxis Match sims 4 wedding cc pack by charlypanckes and pierisim

‘Till death do I part with this INCREDIBLE wedding cc pack! 😍 CharlyPancakes and Pierisim collaborated on this set and holy wow, is it impressive.

Sometimes, maxis match wedding cc is hard to find! But this cc pack fits perfectly with the in-game aesthetic, and it’s just gorgeous. I love the attention to detail, like the little greenery bouquets tied to the chairs! And the seating chart sign!!! Excuse me while I geek-out—I just got married last year, so the wedding excitement is still fresh! Haha. This easily became one of my favorite sims 4 cc packs for that very reason.

This set includes a whopping 59 new items! It’s got everything you need for your dream wedding. Some of my favorite pieces are the wedding sign cc, wedding arch cc (that draping!!), all the table and chair cc options they included, and the cutest dining plate setting decor! It looks straight out of an IRL wedding and I’m obsessed.

Definitely, one of the most essential sims 4 cc packs if you enjoy planning weddings!

Laundry Room CC Pack

Sims 4 laundry room cc pack by SixamCC

I absolutely love it when buy mode cc adds a little bit more realism to my game. This laundry room cc pack does exactly that! to only does it offer a new cc washer and dryer, but it also has tons of decor perfect for the laundry room.

One of my favorite details in this cc pack is the pet stuff, though! That elevated pet cc food bowl is one of my go-tos, and I am obsessed with the dog bath cc! It really is the small details y’all. SixamCC always knocks it out of the park.

If you love adding extra realism to your sims builds, this is one of my favorite sims 4 cc packs for doing exactly that!

Jardane Stuff Pack for Sims 4

Jardane Backyard Sims 4 cc pack by House of Harlix

The Jardane Pack for Sims 4 is the ULTIMATE outdoor living backyard cc pack! Seriously, it has everything. Outdoor kitchen cc, outdoor dining room cc, outdoor living room cc, and more!

This is yet another of the sims 4 cc packs by House of Harlix (y’all, they are GOOD), and I highly recommend y’all download this one! I always catch myself using the furniture cc in this one, even inside the house sometimes! I love the lounger cc they included in this set, and the modern minimalist toddler wading pool!

There are over 51 new pieces in this cc stuff pack, and I promise you’ll love every single one! House of Harlix makes breathtaking sims 4 cc packs, guys!

And that’s a wrap on the best sims 4 cc packs!

Hopefully you found a few more sims 4 cc packs to add to your mods folder! I will be sure to keep this post updated with even more sims 4 cc packs that I fall in love with.

If you’re looking to do even more cc shopping outside of sims 4 cc packs, you might want to check out my sims 4 cc hair round-up, my infant cc round-up, or my toddler hair cc round-up!

Do you have any favorite sims 4 cc packs I didn’t include? Drop them in the comments! 🙂 I’d love to check them out. I don’t think there’s such a thing as too many sims 4 cc packs (until your game starts to lag, that is, lol).

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